Belgrave St Ives - Modern & Contemporary Art


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Unknown Artist-Untitled (Figures and Terraced Houses)

Unknown Artist

Untitled (Figures and Terraced Houses), c1950s

Oil on canvas

Geoffrey Underwood-Market Scene

Geoffrey Underwood

Market Scene

Oil on canvas

Geoffrey Underwood-Our Lady of the Kitchen

Geoffrey Underwood

Our Lady of the Kitchen

Oil on board

Hugh Byars-Untitled (Female Head Portrait)

Hugh Byars

Untitled (Female Head Portrait), 1991

Oil on canvas

Peter White-The Second Hand Shop

Peter White

The Second Hand Shop, 1989

Oil pastel

Christopher Chamberlain-Watney Ales, Fulham

Christopher Chamberlain

Watney Ales, Fulham

Oil on canvas

Anthony Eyton-The Market Stall

Anthony Eyton

The Market Stall

Gouache and Ink SOLD

Harriet Hill-A Tangle of Cables on Aylesbury

Harriet Hill

A Tangle of Cables on Aylesbury, 2023

Acrylic on card

Josef Herman-Two Miners

Josef Herman

Two Miners, c1960