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Robert Adams-Col (Opus 341)

Robert Adams

Col (Opus 341), 1972

Polished and patinated bronze SOLD

Craigie Aitchison-Daffodils and Candlestick

Craigie Aitchison

Daffodils and Candlestick, 1998

Screenprint SOLD

Frank Auerbach-Head of Julia

Frank Auerbach

Head of Julia, 2001


John Barnicoat-Untitled

John Barnicoat

Untitled, c1950

Oil on canvas SOLD

John Barnicoat-Untitled (Studio Still Life)

John Barnicoat

Untitled (Studio Still Life), 1950

Oil on canvas

Dennis Creffield-Cilgerran, Pembrokeshire

Dennis Creffield

Cilgerran, Pembrokeshire, 2001

Charcoal on paper

John Bratby-Royal Hill

John Bratby

Royal Hill, 1978

Pastel SOLD

Robert Buhler-St. Didier, Near Macon

Robert Buhler

St. Didier, Near Macon

Mixed media SOLD

Ronald Dunlop-Boating on Thames, Kingston

Ronald Dunlop

Boating on Thames, Kingston

Oil on canvas SOLD

Richard Carline-Untitled

Richard Carline

Untitled, 1966

Watercolour and pencil SOLD

Jeffery Camp-Laetitia with Roses

Jeffery Camp

Laetitia with Roses, 1966

Oil on board SOLD

Jacob Epstein-Untitled (Drawing of Sunita Devi)

Jacob Epstein

Untitled (Drawing of Sunita Devi)

Pencil on paper SOLD

Tom Cross-In a Window - Still Life

Tom Cross

In a Window - Still Life, 1979

Oil on canvas SOLD

Tom Cross-Reach of the River

Tom Cross

Reach of the River, 1982

Gouache on paper SOLD

Alan Davie-Magic Picture No.1

Alan Davie

Magic Picture No.1, 1977

Lithograph SOLD

Jules De Goede-Untitled II

Jules De Goede

Untitled II, 2006

Collage SOLD

Brian Fielding-Rar 6

Brian Fielding

Rar 6, 1982

Silkscreen SOLD

Elisabeth Frink-Lying Down Horse (Wiseman 57)

Elisabeth Frink

Lying Down Horse (Wiseman 57), 1972

Lithograph SOLD

Terry Frost-Brown Figure (Kemp 25)

Terry Frost

Brown Figure (Kemp 25), 1957

Lithograph SOLD

Terry Frost-Three Graces

Terry Frost

Three Graces, 1960

Acrylic and watercolour on paper SOLD

Adrian Heath-Black and Lemon Abstract

Adrian Heath

Black and Lemon Abstract, 1960

Oil on canvas

Anthony Fry-Untitled

Anthony Fry


Oil on board

Duncan Grant-Washerwoman II

Duncan Grant

Washerwoman II, 1974

Lithograph SOLD

Josef Herman-Tree I

Josef Herman

Tree I

Coloured inks on paper SOLD

Josef Herman-Four Fisherwomen

Josef Herman

Four Fisherwomen, 1975

Lithograph SOLD

Barbara Hepworth-Moon Landscape

Barbara Hepworth

Moon Landscape, 1973

Lithograph SOLD

Barbara Hepworth-Olympus

Barbara Hepworth

Olympus, 1971


Patrick Heron-5:15 p.m. June 11 : 1984 (with charcoal)

Patrick Heron

5:15 p.m. June 11 : 1984 (with charcoal), 1984

Oil and charcoal on canvas SOLD

Albert Irvin-Untitled

Albert Irvin

Untitled, 2002

Screenprint SOLD

Jacob Kramer-Mother and Child

Jacob Kramer

Mother and Child, 1922

Watercolour SOLD

Bernard Meadows-Drawing for Sculpture 11

Bernard Meadows

Drawing for Sculpture 11, 1977

Watercolour and pencil SOLD

Henry Moore-Two Seated Figures against Pillar

Henry Moore

Two Seated Figures against Pillar, 1976

Lithograph SOLD

David Haughton-Untitled (St Just Drawing)

David Haughton

Untitled (St Just Drawing)

Pencil on paper

Paul Nash-Shell Poster

Paul Nash

Shell Poster, 1969

Poster SOLD

Robert Medley-Fire Drill

Robert Medley

Fire Drill, c1940

Oil on canvas

John Piper-San Moise, Venice (Levinson 119) 1961

John Piper

San Moise, Venice (Levinson 119) 1961, 1961

Lithograph SOLD

John Piper-Llangloffan, Pembrokeshire: the Baptist Chapel

John Piper

Llangloffan, Pembrokeshire: the Baptist Chapel, 1964

Lithograph SOLD

Elliott Seabrooke-Untitled

Elliott Seabrooke


Oil on board SOLD

Victor Pasmore-Composite Image: Orange and Pink

Victor Pasmore

Composite Image: Orange and Pink, 1984

Silkscreen SOLD

Phillip Sutton-Great Australian Bight

Phillip Sutton

Great Australian Bight, 1966

Screenprint SOLD

Keith Vaughan-Two Studies: Landscape with Rocks

Keith Vaughan

Two Studies: Landscape with Rocks, 1958

Pencil on paper SOLD

Keith Vaughan-Figures in a Village

Keith Vaughan

Figures in a Village, c1952

Pencil SOLD

Graham Sutherland-Insect

Graham Sutherland

Insect, 1963

Lithograph SOLD

Edward Wolfe-Nude Studies

Edward Wolfe

Nude Studies, c1950

Pencil on paper SOLD

Gary Wragg-Orange Shape

Gary Wragg

Orange Shape, 1981

Mixed media on paper SOLD