Belgrave St Ives - Modern & Contemporary Art


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Terry Frost-Moonship (Kemp 64)

Terry Frost

Moonship (Kemp 64), 1972

Lithograph SOLD

W. Barns-Graham-Painting in Relief (101)

W. Barns-Graham

Painting in Relief (101), 1983

Acrylic on card SOLD

W. Barns-Graham-Painting in Relief No. 39

W. Barns-Graham

Painting in Relief No. 39, 1984

Acrylic and oil collage on board SOLD

W. Barns-Graham-Geevor Series No.2 (12)

W. Barns-Graham

Geevor Series No.2 (12), 1997

Acrylic on paper

W. Barns-Graham-Orange and Red on Pink

W. Barns-Graham

Orange and Red on Pink, 1991

Screenprint SOLD

Anthony Benjamin-Still Life With Pears And Bananas

Anthony Benjamin

Still Life With Pears And Bananas, 1990

Graphite on paper

Sven Berlin-Self Portrait

Sven Berlin

Self Portrait, 1972

Oil on board

Sven Berlin-Untitled (Self Portrait)

Sven Berlin

Untitled (Self Portrait)

Pencil on paper SOLD

Sven Berlin-Untitled (Flowers in a Grecian Vase)

Sven Berlin

Untitled (Flowers in a Grecian Vase), 1972

Oil on board SOLD

Sven Berlin-Angler Fish

Sven Berlin

Angler Fish

Agate SOLD

Roy Conn-White Swell

Roy Conn

White Swell, 1975

Oil on canvas

Tom Cross-Frenchman's Creek

Tom Cross

Frenchman's Creek, 1995

Gouache on paper SOLD

Michael Canney-Untitled

Michael Canney

Untitled, c1992

Acrylic, pencil & incised lines on card SOLD

Bob Crossley-Distant Town

Bob Crossley

Distant Town, 1984

Acrylic on board SOLD

Clifford Fishwick-Rocky Foreshore

Clifford Fishwick

Rocky Foreshore, 1990

Oil on board SOLD

Clifford Fishwick-Three Men and Two Boats

Clifford Fishwick

Three Men and Two Boats, 1989

Gouache on board

William Gear-St Ives

William Gear

St Ives, 1948

Watercolour, crayon, ink & wash

Terry Frost-Love Tree (Kemp 232)

Terry Frost

Love Tree (Kemp 232), 2002

Screenprint and collage SOLD

Terry Frost-Maquette for 'Black Sun Dipper'

Terry Frost

Maquette for 'Black Sun Dipper', c1997

Acrylic and collage on board

Terry Frost-'Oh, What an Effort it is to Love You as I Do' (Lorca) (Kemp 91)

Terry Frost

'Oh, What an Effort it is to Love You as I Do' (Lorca) (Kemp 91), 1987

Screenprint SOLD

Terry Frost-3 Graces (Kemp 76)

Terry Frost

3 Graces (Kemp 76), c1980

Etching on wove paper SOLD

Terry Frost-Pippa Renwick In Red

Terry Frost

Pippa Renwick In Red, 1947

Oil on board SOLD

Patrick Hayman-Tree Ghosts

Patrick Hayman

Tree Ghosts, 1951


Patrick Hayman-Midsummer Night's Dream

Patrick Hayman

Midsummer Night's Dream, 1986

Oil on wood

Patrick Hayman-Girl in Red

Patrick Hayman

Girl in Red, 1950

Oil on paper SOLD

Isobel Heath-Winter Mist

Isobel Heath

Winter Mist


Isobel Heath-Untitled (Cornish Wall)

Isobel Heath

Untitled (Cornish Wall)

Oil on canvas SOLD

Barbara Hepworth-Stones

Barbara Hepworth

Stones, 1973


Bryan Ingham-Head

Bryan Ingham

Head, c1990

Plaster SOLD

Patrick Heron-Anniversary Print

Patrick Heron

Anniversary Print, 1998

Lithograph SOLD

Roger Hilton-Untitled (Seated Figures)

Roger Hilton

Untitled (Seated Figures), 1974

Lithograph SOLD

Roger Hilton-Untitled (Nude Leaning to the Left)

Roger Hilton

Untitled (Nude Leaning to the Left)

Pencil on paper SOLD

Roger Hilton-Untitled (Prancing Horse)

Roger Hilton

Untitled (Prancing Horse)

Gouache on paper SOLD

Roger Hilton-Untitled (Reclining Figure)

Roger Hilton

Untitled (Reclining Figure), 1973

Gouache on paper

Peter Lanyon-Figure Study

Peter Lanyon

Figure Study, c1959

Etching SOLD

Alan Lowndes-Two Figures

Alan Lowndes

Two Figures

Pen, ink and wash SOLD

William Marshall-Yunomi with Trailed Red-brown Glaze

William Marshall

Yunomi with Trailed Red-brown Glaze

Stoneware SOLD

Denis Mitchell-Drawing for Sculpture

Denis Mitchell

Drawing for Sculpture, 1977

Oil on gesso board

Denis Mitchell-Boleigh

Denis Mitchell

Boleigh, 1990

Delabole slate

Ben Nicholson-Five Circles

Ben Nicholson

Five Circles, 1934

Woodcut SOLD

Ben Nicholson-Still Life

Ben Nicholson

Still Life, 1962

Lithograph SOLD

Jack Pender-Winter Boats

Jack Pender

Winter Boats

Oil on board SOLD

Kate Nicholson-Eigg Seascape

Kate Nicholson

Eigg Seascape, 1980

Oil on canvas SOLD

Kate Nicholson-Untitled (Orange and Blue)

Kate Nicholson

Untitled (Orange and Blue), c1960

Mixed media on cardboard

Bryan Pearce-Cyclamen

Bryan Pearce

Cyclamen, 1966

Oil on board SOLD

Bryan Pearce-St Ives Harbour

Bryan Pearce

St Ives Harbour, 1974

Etching SOLD

John Tunnard-Untitled

John Tunnard

Untitled, 1961

Oil and gesso on board

Michael Snow-Kinetic White

Michael Snow

Kinetic White, 1964

Oil on canvas

Troika Pottery-Cylinder Vase (with white triangles)

Troika Pottery

Cylinder Vase (with white triangles), c1960

Ceramic SOLD

Troika Pottery-Cylinder Vase

Troika Pottery

Cylinder Vase, c1960

Ceramic SOLD

Peter Potworowski-Landscape

Peter Potworowski

Landscape, 1954

Oil on canvas SOLD

John Wells-Untitled I

John Wells

Untitled I


Doris Vaughan-Village Band

Doris Vaughan

Village Band

Oil on canvas