Belgrave St Ives - Modern & Contemporary Art


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Robert Adams-Untitled

Robert Adams

Untitled, 1950

Lithograph SOLD

W. Barns-Graham-Snowsea No.2

W. Barns-Graham

Snowsea No.2, 1978

Oil, pen and ink on card SOLD

Sven Berlin-Abstract

Sven Berlin

Abstract, 1946

Mixed media and collage SOLD

Sven Berlin-Self Portrait

Sven Berlin

Self Portrait, 1973

Oil on board SOLD

Sven Berlin-Little Owl

Sven Berlin

Little Owl, 1986

Egyptian porphyry with amethyst eyes SOLD

Sandra Blow-Brown Border - Beige White Crossover

Sandra Blow

Brown Border - Beige White Crossover, 2000

Acrylic and collage on board SOLD

Bob Bourne-Untitled

Bob Bourne

Untitled, 1963

Oil on board SOLD

Roy Conn-Floating Form

Roy Conn

Floating Form, 2005

Oil on canvas

Michael Canney-Composition With Grey Triangles

Michael Canney

Composition With Grey Triangles

Alkyd on panel SOLD

Tom Cross-The Child's World II

Tom Cross

The Child's World II, 1962

Oil on canvas SOLD

Bob Crossley-Figure And Head

Bob Crossley

Figure And Head, 1964


Paul Feiler-Circles With Vertical

Paul Feiler

Circles With Vertical, 1967

Oil on canvas

Terry Frost-Cream Green

Terry Frost

Cream Green, 2003

Collage on card

Terry Frost-Black And White Figure

Terry Frost

Black And White Figure, 1959

Oil on canvas

William Gear-Red Feature

William Gear

Red Feature, 1957

Acrylic and coloured inks

David Haughton-Houses, St Just

David Haughton

Houses, St Just

Oil on canvas SOLD

Patrick Hayman-Girl With Thoughts

Patrick Hayman

Girl With Thoughts, 1969

Mixed media SOLD

Patrick Hayman-Watcher By The Sea

Patrick Hayman

Watcher By The Sea, 1948

Gouache, crayon and pencil SOLD

Patrick Hayman-Bather By The Sea

Patrick Hayman

Bather By The Sea, 1979

Oil on canvas SOLD

Isobel Heath-Self Portrait

Isobel Heath

Self Portrait, c1969

Oil on board

Isobel Heath-Still Life - Jar II

Isobel Heath

Still Life - Jar II

Watercolour SOLD

Barbara Hepworth-November Green

Barbara Hepworth

November Green, 1969

Screenprint SOLD

Barbara Hepworth-Sea Forms

Barbara Hepworth

Sea Forms, 1969

Lithograph SOLD

Patrick Heron-Anniversary Print

Patrick Heron

Anniversary Print, 1998

Screenprint SOLD

Patrick Heron-Untitled (From 'Shapes Of Colour')

Patrick Heron

Untitled (From 'Shapes Of Colour'), 1978

Screenprint SOLD

Roger Hilton-Seated Nude

Roger Hilton

Seated Nude

Charcoal SOLD

Peter Lanyon-White Boat Leaving

Peter Lanyon

White Boat Leaving, 1957

Oil on board SOLD

Alexander Mackenzie-Boskenna

Alexander Mackenzie

Boskenna, 1987

Oil and pencil SOLD

Alexander Mackenzie-Untitled

Alexander Mackenzie

Untitled, 1958

Lithograph SOLD

Margo Maeckelberghe-Day's End

Margo Maeckelberghe

Day's End, 1978

Gouache on paper SOLD

Margo Maeckelberghe-May Lines Scilly

Margo Maeckelberghe

May Lines Scilly, 1986

Mixed media

Margaret Mellis-Petal Series

Margaret Mellis

Petal Series

Oil on canvas SOLD

John Milne-Darius

John Milne

Darius, 1972

Bronze SOLD

Denis Mitchell-Abstract Composition

Denis Mitchell

Abstract Composition

Oil on board

Denis Mitchell-Drawing From A Carved Figure

Denis Mitchell

Drawing From A Carved Figure, 1974

Pencil and watercolour

Ben Nicholson-Bird Form (L.112)

Ben Nicholson

Bird Form (L.112), 1969

Etching SOLD

Kate Nicholson-Still Life With Delphides

Kate Nicholson

Still Life With Delphides, 1956

Oil on canvas

Kate Nicholson-Pink Cyclamen, Greek Studies

Kate Nicholson

Pink Cyclamen, Greek Studies, 1963

Oil on board SOLD

Rachel Nicholson-Man's Head Through A Window

Rachel Nicholson

Man's Head Through A Window

Acrylic on paper SOLD

Bryan Pearce-St Ives Church

Bryan Pearce

St Ives Church

Oil on board

Misome Peile-Sicillian Vespers

Misome Peile

Sicillian Vespers, 1962

Mixed media on paper

Misome Peile-Threaded Forms

Misome Peile

Threaded Forms, 1959

Oil on board SOLD

Jack Pender-Broken Boats

Jack Pender

Broken Boats

Oil on canvas SOLD

Jack Pender-Dartmouth

Jack Pender

Dartmouth, 1955

Oil on canvas

Jack Pender-Loch Corrib, Ireland

Jack Pender

Loch Corrib, Ireland, 1970

Oil on board SOLD

Dod Procter-Still Life With Jug And Figurine

Dod Procter

Still Life With Jug And Figurine

Oil on panel

William Scott-Odeon Suite No.5

William Scott

Odeon Suite No.5, 1966

Lithograph SOLD

Michael Snow-Revolving Forms

Michael Snow

Revolving Forms, 1953

Oil and pencil on canvas board SOLD

Maurice Sumray-Study for 'The Old Jew'

Maurice Sumray

Study for 'The Old Jew'

Gouache SOLD

Alfred Wallis-Boats Near the Harbour

Alfred Wallis

Boats Near the Harbour

Oil, mixed media and pencil on card SOLD

John Wells-Soaring Forms - Red & Green

John Wells

Soaring Forms - Red & Green, 1959

Monoprint with pastel