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John Christopherson - Trezion from Academy Terrace, St Ives

John Christopherson (1921-1996)

Trezion from Academy Terrace, St Ives 1984

Oil on board; 22.5 x 18 cms

Signed with initials
Also signed, titled and dated on reverse

Note: Memorably describing the time-worn as the 'forlorn poetry of the unregarded', Christropherson's background in geology and antiquity, and interest in old buildings, led him to be encouraged by Jean Dubuffet to become an artist. He was inspired by the older artist's use of texture and Surrealist technique, for instance in the use of Frottage. Christopherson's almost naïve intensity, combined with a degree of sophistication, produced magical, gem-like small paintings often haunted by a sense of déjà vu, where the ordinary becomes extraordinary.

Of Cornish ancestry, Christopherson regularly visited St Ives, where he knew many of the artists working there. He exhibited at the Leicester Galleries, Marjorie Parr Gallery, Agnews and England and Co. amongst others. Particularly admiring the work of Ben Nicholson, the small painting in this exhibition of Nicholson's former home in St Ives could be seen as a sort of homage.