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Christopher Chamberlain - Untitled (Watney Ales, Fulham)

Christopher Chamberlain (1918-1984)

Untitled (Watney Ales, Fulham)

Oil on canvas; 61 x 76 cms

Note: Chamberlain studied at Clapham School of Art and the Royal College of Art (1939-1940 and 1946-1948). Taught painting at Camberwell School of Art, where his Social Realist subject matter matched the ethos of the school at the time. Chamberlain exhibited widely and was known for his scenes of London. He stated 'I have made many studies in this area where I live, in the belief that one must learn thoroughly something about a particular and loosely limited area within one's experience. I don't believe it is possible to make much of a statement about anything unless one knows one's subject very well indeed' (1951).

Price: £2,650