Belgrave St Ives - Modern & Contemporary Art


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Josef Herman-Tree at Sunset

Josef Herman

Tree at Sunset

Ink and watercolour SOLD

Robert Adams-Composition with Drawn Forms

Robert Adams

Composition with Drawn Forms, 1949

Lithograph on wove paper

Sarah Armstrong-Jones-South India Still Life

Sarah Armstrong-Jones

South India Still Life

Oil and gouache on paper

Ray Atkins-Childrens Activity in the Dune

Ray Atkins

Childrens Activity in the Dune, 2000

Oil on canvas SOLD

John Barnicoat-Untitled

John Barnicoat


Mixed media on card

John Barnicoat-Untitled (Logan Rock & Pedn Vounder)

John Barnicoat

Untitled (Logan Rock & Pedn Vounder), c1940s


W. Barns-Graham-Beach

W. Barns-Graham

Beach, 1999

Screenprint SOLD

W. Barns-Graham-Two Circles on Purple

W. Barns-Graham

Two Circles on Purple, 1992


Samuel Bassett-With Fish and Black Flower

Samuel Bassett

With Fish and Black Flower


Sven Berlin-Untitled (Goose)

Sven Berlin

Untitled (Goose)

Pen and ink SOLD

Clive Blackmore-Vineyards and Mountains, Autumn Provence

Clive Blackmore

Vineyards and Mountains, Autumn Provence, 1993

Watercolour SOLD

Sandra Blow-Blue on Red

Sandra Blow

Blue on Red, 1984

Screenprint SOLD

Sandra Blow-Red on Blue

Sandra Blow

Red on Blue, 1984

Screenprint SOLD

Anne-Marie Bord-Untitled

Anne-Marie Bord


Oil on canvas

Virginia Bounds-Afloat in Newlyn

Virginia Bounds

Afloat in Newlyn, 2012

Oil on canvas

Bob Bourne-Untitled (Interior with Round Window)

Bob Bourne

Untitled (Interior with Round Window)

Oil on board

Arthur Bradbury-Mousehole Harbour

Arthur Bradbury

Mousehole Harbour, 1929

Oil on board SOLD

Jeffery Camp-Friends at Brighton

Jeffery Camp

Friends at Brighton

Oil on board

Paul Cézanne-Houses on the Hill

Paul Cézanne

Houses on the Hill

Lithograph SOLD

John Christopherson-Trezion from Academy Terrace, St Ives

John Christopherson

Trezion from Academy Terrace, St Ives, 1984

Oil on board SOLD

Jessica Cooper-Old Harbour Meets New

Jessica Cooper

Old Harbour Meets New, 2023

Acrylic on canvas SOLD

Bob Crossley-Tilted Rectangle - Red

Bob Crossley

Tilted Rectangle - Red, 1976


Bob Crossley-Two Reds

Bob Crossley

Two Reds, 1975


Alan Davie-Arrow Indicates Red

Alan Davie

Arrow Indicates Red, 2010

Oil and felt tip pen on paper

Alan Davie-Foxwatch

Alan Davie

Foxwatch, 1970


Peter Davies-Wooden Seagull, St Ives

Peter Davies

Wooden Seagull, St Ives, 2010

Linocut SOLD

Sarah Davies-Pont Creek

Sarah Davies

Pont Creek, 2023


Sarah Davies-The Cloud Machines

Sarah Davies

The Cloud Machines, 2023

Mixed media collage SOLD

Richard Deacon-9 x 9 (Tate Print Series)

Richard Deacon

9 x 9 (Tate Print Series), 2005


Robyn Denny-Colour Box No. 4 (Second Series)

Robyn Denny

Colour Box No. 4 (Second Series), 1969

Screenprint SOLD

Henrietta Dubrey-Harvest Field

Henrietta Dubrey

Harvest Field, 2023

Oil paint and pencil on paper

Henrietta Dubrey-La Mer

Henrietta Dubrey

La Mer, 2023

Oil on linen SOLD

Ronald Dunlop-Trees and a Lane

Ronald Dunlop

Trees and a Lane

Oil on board

John Emanuel-Classical Head

John Emanuel

Classical Head

Oil and gold leaf on card SOLD

John Emanuel-Figures and Fruit

John Emanuel

Figures and Fruit, 2021

Mixed media on Japanese paper SOLD

Anthony Eyton-The Market Stall

Anthony Eyton

The Market Stall

Gouache and Ink SOLD

Anthony Frost-Full Moon, Hot Sun

Anthony Frost

Full Moon, Hot Sun, 2015

Acrylic on sacking and paper SOLD

Anthony Frost-Turquoise Echo

Anthony Frost

Turquoise Echo, 2011

Acrylic monoprint on Arches paper

Luke Frost-Pale Cyan and Brilliant Blue Volts

Luke Frost

Pale Cyan and Brilliant Blue Volts, 2015

Acrylic on aluminium

Terry Frost-A Sunflower

Terry Frost

A Sunflower, 1990

Linocut SOLD

Terry Frost-Black and Red Dish

Terry Frost

Black and Red Dish


Terry Frost-Escargot (Kemp 125)

Terry Frost

Escargot (Kemp 125), 1991

Etching and aquatint on wove paper SOLD

Terry Frost-Mug

Terry Frost


Earthenware SOLD

Terry Frost-Red, Yellow and Black (Kemp 169)

Terry Frost

Red, Yellow and Black (Kemp 169), 1999


Terry Frost-Trewellard Red Charger

Terry Frost

Trewellard Red Charger, c1995


Terry Frost-Yorkshire Landscape (Sheep) (Kemp 22)

Terry Frost

Yorkshire Landscape (Sheep) (Kemp 22), 1956

Etching SOLD

Keith Grant-Iceberg Blazing under Midnight Sun

Keith Grant

Iceberg Blazing under Midnight Sun

Oil on canvas

Jeffrey Harris-A Bollard, The Harbour

Jeffrey Harris

A Bollard, The Harbour, 2018


Rebecca Harvey-Large Blue Bowl

Rebecca Harvey

Large Blue Bowl


Rebecca Harvey-Blue Vase

Rebecca Harvey

Blue Vase

Porcelain SOLD

Patrick Hayman-Lovers who Gamble

Patrick Hayman

Lovers who Gamble, 1970

Etching SOLD

David Hazelwood-City Legend

David Hazelwood

City Legend, 1981


David Hazelwood-The Eight of Hearts No. 2

David Hazelwood

The Eight of Hearts No. 2, 1977


Jacoba Heemskerck-Baum (Tree)

Jacoba Heemskerck

Baum (Tree), 1924

Woodcut SOLD

Julie Held-Untitled (Three Figures)

Julie Held

Untitled (Three Figures)

Oil on canvas

Barbara Hepworth-Argos

Barbara Hepworth

Argos, 1969


Josef Herman-Two Miners

Josef Herman

Two Miners, c1960

Lithograph SOLD

Patrick Heron-Garden Print

Patrick Heron

Garden Print, 1987

Lithograph SOLD

Patrick Heron-St Ives Silk Scarf

Patrick Heron

St Ives Silk Scarf, 1985

Silkscreen SOLD

Roger Hilton-Reclining Nude

Roger Hilton

Reclining Nude, 1972


Roger Hilton-Untitled

Roger Hilton

Untitled, 1973

Charcoal, pastel & gouache

Rose Hilton-Untitled (Figures at Table)

Rose Hilton

Untitled (Figures at Table)

Mixed media on paper SOLD

Rose Hilton-Untitled (Standing Nude with Hands on Hips)

Rose Hilton

Untitled (Standing Nude with Hands on Hips)

Oil on card

After Ivon Hitchens-Flowers

After Ivon Hitchens

Flowers, 1951

Lithograph SOLD

Liz Hough-Norway Square I

Liz Hough

Norway Square I, 2022

Mixed media on board

Ashley Howard-Tea Bowl

Ashley Howard

Tea Bowl


Francis Hoyland-Untitled (Studio Interior)

Francis Hoyland

Untitled (Studio Interior)

Oil on board

John Hoyland-Red, Blue

John Hoyland

Red, Blue, 1969

Screenprint SOLD

Clarke Hutton-Port Quinn, Cornwall

Clarke Hutton

Port Quinn, Cornwall, 1952

Lithograph SOLD

Andy Hughes-Sky Egg Chrysalis, South Korea

Andy Hughes

Sky Egg Chrysalis, South Korea, 2023

C-Type digital print SOLD

Bryan Ingham-Untitled (Head)

Bryan Ingham

Untitled (Head), c1997


Rachael Kantaris-Joie

Rachael Kantaris

Joie, 2023

Multi plate etching

Dan Kelly-Porcelain Vessel III

Dan Kelly

Porcelain Vessel III


Ffiona Lewis-Froth and Foam and Spumy Rock

Ffiona Lewis

Froth and Foam and Spumy Rock, 2022

Mixed media on paper

Jason Lilley-After the Full Moon Storm

Jason Lilley

After the Full Moon Storm, 2023

Oil on board

Jason Lilley-Rampart

Jason Lilley

Rampart, 2023

Oil on board

Mary Mabbutt-Study for 'Winter Head'

Mary Mabbutt

Study for 'Winter Head', 2017

Oil on board

Alexander Mackenzie-Merrivale

Alexander Mackenzie

Merrivale, 1973

Etching on wove paper

Jane Mac Miadhachain-Late Afternoon High Tide

Jane Mac Miadhachain

Late Afternoon High Tide, 2023


Padraig Mac Miadhachain-Always Waiting

Padraig Mac Miadhachain

Always Waiting, 2011

Oil on board

Padraig Mac Miadhachain-Chapel and Coastguard Cottages

Padraig Mac Miadhachain

Chapel and Coastguard Cottages, 1989

Oil and graphite on board

Margo Maeckelberghe-Off Shore Gold

Margo Maeckelberghe

Off Shore Gold


Felicity Mara-Yellow Morning

Felicity Mara

Yellow Morning, 2022

Flashe on linen

Nicholas May-Anti-Gravitational Exercises

Nicholas May

Anti-Gravitational Exercises, 1992

Oil on canvas

Alice Mumford-Jollier

Alice Mumford

Jollier, 2023

Oil on canvas

Paul Nash-Pond in the Fields

Paul Nash

Pond in the Fields

Lithograph SOLD

Paul Nash-Poor Northern Muse

Paul Nash

Poor Northern Muse, 1923

Woodcut SOLD

Paul Nash-The Forest of Dean

Paul Nash

The Forest of Dean


Ben Nicholson-Ben Nicholson: Reliefs and Oilwash Drawings

Ben Nicholson

Ben Nicholson: Reliefs and Oilwash Drawings, 1962


Ben Nicholson-Frontispiece from Signature No. 13

Ben Nicholson

Frontispiece from Signature No. 13, 1939

Letterpress on white wove SOLD

Ben Nicholson-These Men use Shell

Ben Nicholson

These Men use Shell, 1969

Offset Lithograph

Samuel Palmer-The Rising Moon

Samuel Palmer

The Rising Moon, 1857

Etching SOLD

Simon Nicholson-Little Popplestone (Scilly Isles) 12/09/56

Simon Nicholson

Little Popplestone (Scilly Isles) 12/09/56, 1956

Pencil on paper SOLD

Samuel Palmer-The Sleeping Shepherd

Samuel Palmer

The Sleeping Shepherd, 1890

Engraving SOLD

John Anthony Park-A Street Scene, St Ives

John Anthony Park

A Street Scene, St Ives

Oil on board SOLD

Victor Pasmore-Untitled 6

Victor Pasmore

Untitled 6, 1990


Attributed to E.H. Pearce-Cliffs at Seaford

Attributed to E.H. Pearce

Cliffs at Seaford

Oil on board SOLD

Bryan Pearce-St Ives Harbour

Bryan Pearce

St Ives Harbour, 1974


Bryan Pearce-The Round Church, Cambridge (ex-cat)

Bryan Pearce

The Round Church, Cambridge (ex-cat), 2006


Bryan Pearce-Westcott's Quay

Bryan Pearce

Westcott's Quay, 1980

Screenprint SOLD

Tom Phillips-Untitled (A Hum A Document) Humument p. 20

Tom Phillips

Untitled (A Hum A Document) Humument p. 20


Power-Untitled (Seaford Beach, East Sussex)


Untitled (Seaford Beach, East Sussex)


Alan Rankle-St Quentin le Tour

Alan Rankle

St Quentin le Tour, 1992


Alan Reynolds-Idyll

Alan Reynolds

Idyll, 1967

Etching and aquatint SOLD

Brian Rice-Plain Style

Brian Rice

Plain Style, 2022

Oil on canvas

Graham Rich-Leaving the River Avon

Graham Rich

Leaving the River Avon, 2015

Found material and marine paint

Terry Scales-Isle of Dogs from Greenwich Park

Terry Scales

Isle of Dogs from Greenwich Park, 1979


Elliott Seabrooke-Landscape

Elliott Seabrooke

Landscape, 1918

Pen, ink and wash

William Scott-Brown Field Defined

William Scott

Brown Field Defined, 1972


A. Smith-Rugby Scrum

A. Smith

Rugby Scrum, 1935


Graham Sutherland-Brimham Rock, Yorkshire

Graham Sutherland

Brimham Rock, Yorkshire

Robin Tanner-The Full Moon

Robin Tanner

The Full Moon, 1973

Etching SOLD

After Vlaminck-Restaurant de la Machine at Bougival

After Vlaminck

Restaurant de la Machine at Bougival


Ethel Walker-Table Light

Ethel Walker

Table Light, 1994

Oil on paper SOLD

Eric Ward-Pond at Higher Bussow

Eric Ward

Pond at Higher Bussow, 2023

Oil on board

Karl Weschke-Rolling Sea

Karl Weschke

Rolling Sea, 1967

Screenprint SOLD

Karl Weschke-Untitled

Karl Weschke

Untitled, 1957


Peter White-Head

Peter White


Oil on canvas

Peter White-The Second Hand Shop

Peter White

The Second Hand Shop, 1989

Oil pastel

Attributed to Alfred Wolmark-Untitled (Woman Seated by a Window)

Attributed to Alfred Wolmark

Untitled (Woman Seated by a Window)

Oil on board

Harold Yates-Approach to the Summit

Harold Yates

Approach to the Summit, 1979