Belgrave St Ives - Modern & Contemporary Art

TOM CROSS - Paintings from the Artist's Studio

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Tom Cross-Landscape in the Marche

Landscape in the Marche, 1956

Oil on canvas

Tom Cross-Flowers I

Flowers I, 1957

Oil on board

Tom Cross-Landscape at Houghton Green

Landscape at Houghton Green, 1955

Oil on canvas

Tom Cross-Hall's Wood

Hall's Wood, 1959

Oil on board

Tom Cross-Garden, Denton

Garden, Denton, 1952

Oil on board

Tom Cross-Study for Ploughed Field

Study for Ploughed Field, 1961

Oil on canvas

Tom Cross-Anemones

Anemones, 1958

Oil on board SOLD

Tom Cross-Garden in Ireland

Garden in Ireland, 1958

Oil on board SOLD

Tom Cross-Untitled (Anemones)

Untitled (Anemones), 1989

Watercolour and gouache SOLD

Tom Cross-Untitled (Construction)

Untitled (Construction), 1960

Gouache SOLD

Tom Cross-Halls Wood 2

Halls Wood 2, 1964

Oil on canvas

Tom Cross-Untitled (Construction II)

Untitled (Construction II), 1960


Tom Cross-Sunlight in the Room

Sunlight in the Room, 1963

Oil on canvas

Tom Cross-Interior of a Room

Interior of a Room, 1962

Oil on canvas

Tom Cross-The Cottage

The Cottage, 1961

Gouache SOLD

Tom Cross-Flat

Flat, 1975

Mixed media collage on canvas

Tom Cross-Reds

Reds, 1964


Tom Cross-Untitled (Study for Interior of a Room)

Untitled (Study for Interior of a Room), c1962


Tom Cross-Fron Haul, Tegryn

Fron Haul, Tegryn, 1969

Pen, ink & watercolour SOLD

Tom Cross-Untitled (Two Engine Houses)

Untitled (Two Engine Houses)

Ink and wash SOLD

Tom Cross-Santa Maria delle Vittorio, Rome

Santa Maria delle Vittorio, Rome, 1966

Ink and gouache SOLD

Tom Cross-Fishing Boats

Fishing Boats, 1983

Gouache SOLD

Tom Cross-Self Portrait

Self Portrait, 1957

Oil on canvas SOLD

Tom Cross-Falmouth Harbour from Greenbank

Falmouth Harbour from Greenbank, 1977

Watercolour SOLD

Tom Cross-Still Life with Fountain

Still Life with Fountain, 1990

Gouache SOLD

Tom Cross-In a Window

In a Window, 1979

Oil on canvas

Tom Cross-Still Life - Evening Light

Still Life - Evening Light, 1980

Gouache SOLD

Tom Cross-Window to the River

Window to the River, 1987

Oil on canvas

Tom Cross-Estuary 1

Estuary 1, 1995

Watercolour SOLD

Tom Cross-Estuary 2

Estuary 2, 1995


Tom Cross-Open Water

Open Water, 1980

Gouache SOLD

Tom Cross-St Anthony Head No.2

St Anthony Head No.2, 1978

Gouache SOLD

Tom Cross-Against the Light

Against the Light, 1983


Tom Cross-The River, Bosloe

The River, Bosloe, 2006

Oil on canvas SOLD

Tom Cross-Groyne Point

Groyne Point, 2004

Oil on canvas SOLD

Tom Cross-Untitled (The River at Bosloe)

Untitled (The River at Bosloe), 2006

Oil on board SOLD

Tom Cross-St Anthony

St Anthony, 2000

Oil on canvas SOLD

Tom Cross-River Beyond the Trees

River Beyond the Trees, 1999

Oil on canvas SOLD

Tom Cross-Oyster Quay, Port Navas

Oyster Quay, Port Navas, 2005

Oil on canvas SOLD

Tom Cross-Catch Two

Catch Two, 1968

Oil on canvas

Tom Cross-Untitled (Helford River)

Untitled (Helford River), 1982