Belgrave St Ives - Modern & Contemporary Art


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Jean Nuttall-Spring Snow

Jean Nuttall

Spring Snow

Oil on board

Julian Bailey-Figures on a Coastal Headland

Julian Bailey

Figures on a Coastal Headland, 2021

Gouache on paper

Julian Bailey-The Diver, St Ives

Julian Bailey

The Diver, St Ives, 2021

Gouache on paper

John Barnicoat-Untitled (Towards Land's End)

John Barnicoat

Untitled (Towards Land's End), c1940s

Ink and watercolour SOLD

W. Barns-Graham-Millennium Series - Blue I

W. Barns-Graham

Millennium Series - Blue I, 2000

Screenprint SOLD

Sven Berlin-Stoats Attacking a Rabbit

Sven Berlin

Stoats Attacking a Rabbit, 1990

Svenotype SOLD

India Birley-Portrait of Sophie de Stempel

India Birley

Portrait of Sophie de Stempel

Oil on board SOLD

Virginia Bounds-Garden Study, Anchor Studio

Virginia Bounds

Garden Study, Anchor Studio, 2012

Gouache on Fabriano paper

Sandra Blow-Iridescent Wave

Sandra Blow

Iridescent Wave, 2004

Screenprint with collage SOLD

Bob Bourne-Penzance Roofs

Bob Bourne

Penzance Roofs, 2013

Oil on panel

Denis Bowen-Untitled

Denis Bowen

Untitled, 1997

Mixed media on paper

Michael Broughton-Banister Space

Michael Broughton

Banister Space, 2005

Oil on board

Hugh Byars-Untitled (Female Head Portrait)

Hugh Byars

Untitled (Female Head Portrait), 1991

Oil on canvas

Mazia Colonna-Oranges and Shell

Mazia Colonna

Oranges and Shell

Mixed media collage on paper

Dennis Creffield-Caernarfon Castle

Dennis Creffield

Caernarfon Castle, 2002

Acrylic and oil pastel

Bob Crossley-Three Browns - One Green

Bob Crossley

Three Browns - One Green, 1970


Bob Crossley-Tilted Rectangle - Red

Bob Crossley

Tilted Rectangle - Red, 1976


Peter Davies-Godrevy Golfer (Sacred Tree)

Peter Davies

Godrevy Golfer (Sacred Tree), 2021


Peter Davies-Scillonian II

Peter Davies

Scillonian II, 2009


John Emanuel-Classical Head

John Emanuel

Classical Head

Oil, pigment and gold leaf SOLD

John Emanuel-Classical Head

John Emanuel

Classical Head, 2022

Oil and gold leaf on board SOLD

John Emanuel-Porthmeor Studios Roof Lines

John Emanuel

Porthmeor Studios Roof Lines

Oil and gold leaf on board

Tracey Emin-The Golden Mile

Tracey Emin

The Golden Mile, 2012

Photogravure SOLD

Jessica Cooper-Where Have You Been?

Jessica Cooper

Where Have You Been?, 2022

Acrylic and pencil on canvas SOLD

Alan Davie-To a Celtic Spirit I

Alan Davie

To a Celtic Spirit I, 2001

Screenprint SOLD

Terry Frost-A Book of Ideas - Page 123

Terry Frost

A Book of Ideas - Page 123

Acrylic and ink

Anthony Frost-Red Beat

Anthony Frost

Red Beat, 1994


Luke Frost-Chromavolt

Luke Frost

Chromavolt, 2005

Oil silk screen on paper SOLD

Terry Frost-Black and Red Dish

Terry Frost

Black and Red Dish


Terry Frost-Black Sun (with Hand Working)

Terry Frost

Black Sun (with Hand Working), 1988

Collage and acrylic SOLD

Terry Frost-Trewellard Red Charger

Terry Frost

Trewellard Red Charger

Ceramic SOLD

Terry Frost-Black and Red Mug

Terry Frost

Black and Red Mug

Earthernware SOLD

Jeffrey Harris-Harbour and Church, St Ives, Cornwall (Colour Version)

Jeffrey Harris

Harbour and Church, St Ives, Cornwall (Colour Version), 1980

Colour etching

Jeffrey Harris-The Harbour, St Ives, Cornwall

Jeffrey Harris

The Harbour, St Ives, Cornwall, 1981


Jason Lilley-Walk to Zennor Head

Jason Lilley

Walk to Zennor Head

Oil on board SOLD

Rebecca Harvey-Pale Blue Vessels

Rebecca Harvey

Pale Blue Vessels, 2022


Jane Haskell-Rose Alphabet II

Jane Haskell

Rose Alphabet II, 1980

Oil on canvas

Patrick Hayman-Figures at Sea

Patrick Hayman

Figures at Sea, c1970s

Gouache on paper

Patrick Hayman-Untitled (Lady in a Long Skirt)

Patrick Hayman

Untitled (Lady in a Long Skirt)

Coloured inks on paper

Adrian Heath-Untitled

Adrian Heath

Untitled, 1973


Adrian Heath-Untitled

Adrian Heath

Untitled, 1983


Barbara Hepworth-Spring 1957 (Project for Sculpture)

Barbara Hepworth

Spring 1957 (Project for Sculpture), 2003

Lithograph SOLD

Patrick Heron-Blue and Black Stripes

Patrick Heron

Blue and Black Stripes, 1958


Francis Hoyland-Jane and Gillian

Francis Hoyland

Jane and Gillian, 2007

Pen, ink and wash SOLD

Gary Hume-Kate

Gary Hume

Kate, 1997

Screenprint SOLD

Rose Hilton-Untitled (Studio Nude)

Rose Hilton

Untitled (Studio Nude)

Pastel on paper SOLD

Rose Hilton-Untitled (Two Figures)

Rose Hilton

Untitled (Two Figures)

Pen and ink SOLD

Roger Hilton-Seated Woman ('Put it in your Pipe and Smoke it')

Roger Hilton

Seated Woman ('Put it in your Pipe and Smoke it'), 1974

Lithograph SOLD

Roger Hilton-Untitled

Roger Hilton

Untitled, 2006


Clifford Fishwick-Beach and Hills

Clifford Fishwick

Beach and Hills, 1990

Oil on board SOLD

Peter Lanyon-Levant Mine Ruins

Peter Lanyon

Levant Mine Ruins

Chine-collé SOLD

Ffiona Lewis-Red Cup - Dado Rail

Ffiona Lewis

Red Cup - Dado Rail, 1997

Oil and pencil on board SOLD

Sydney Lee-The Sloop Inn

Sydney Lee

The Sloop Inn, 1904

Colour woodcut SOLD

Anna Lovely-Girl, Bird and Moon

Anna Lovely

Girl, Bird and Moon, 2019


Liz Hough-The Don IV

Liz Hough

The Don IV, 2022

Mixed media on board

Jane Mac Miadhachain-Sea Drift

Jane Mac Miadhachain

Sea Drift, 2022

Monoprint SOLD

Padraig Mac Miadhachain-Far, Far Away for Venice

Padraig Mac Miadhachain

Far, Far Away for Venice, 1997

Oil on canvas

Alexander Mackenzie-Scrimshaw - Mary Rose

Alexander Mackenzie

Scrimshaw - Mary Rose, 2002

Etching and aquatint SOLD

Margo Maeckelberghe-Landscape

Margo Maeckelberghe


Mixed media SOLD

Felicity Mara-Quartet

Felicity Mara


Oil, acrylic and pigment on canvas

William Marshall-Decorated Bowl

William Marshall

Decorated Bowl


Bernard Meadows-Untitled (Study for Sculpture I)

Bernard Meadows

Untitled (Study for Sculpture I), 1974

Watercolour and pencil on paper SOLD

Bernard Meadows-Untitled (Study for Sculpture II)

Bernard Meadows

Untitled (Study for Sculpture II), 1996

Watercolour and pencil on paper SOLD

June Miles-Geraniums

June Miles


Oil on canvas SOLD

Alice Mumford-Jam Tarts and Ginger Cordial

Alice Mumford

Jam Tarts and Ginger Cordial, 2022

Oil on board

Paul Nash-Coronilla

Paul Nash

Coronilla, 1925

Wood engraving SOLD

Paul Nash-The Close Up

Paul Nash

The Close Up, 1923

Wood engraving SOLD

Ben Nicholson-These Men use Shell

Ben Nicholson

These Men use Shell, 1969

Offset Lithograph

Tim Nicholson-Untitled

Tim Nicholson



Breon O'Casey-Blue Squares

Breon O'Casey

Blue Squares, 2001

Aquatint and linocut SOLD

After Samuel Palmer-The Weary Ploughman

After Samuel Palmer

The Weary Ploughman

Etching SOLD

Bryan Pearce-Three Angels above a Church

Bryan Pearce

Three Angels above a Church

Etching SOLD

Bryan Pearce-Westcott's Quay

Bryan Pearce

Westcott's Quay, 1980

Screenprint SOLD

Richard Pikesley-West Bay

Richard Pikesley

West Bay

Oil on canvas laid on board

Antonia Phillips-Untitled (Abstract Landscape)

Antonia Phillips

Untitled (Abstract Landscape)

Oil on canvas SOLD

Alan Rankle-Falling for Ghost of the Mountain

Alan Rankle

Falling for Ghost of the Mountain, 2009

Oil on canvas SOLD

Alan Rankle-St Quentin le Tour

Alan Rankle

St Quentin le Tour, 1992


Alan Reynolds-Mariposa Nocturna II

Alan Reynolds

Mariposa Nocturna II, 1967

Woodcut SOLD

Alan Reynolds-Plant Study

Alan Reynolds

Plant Study

Pen, ink & watercolour SOLD

Brian Rice-Lozenge

Brian Rice

Lozenge, 1965


Brian Rice-Zante

Brian Rice

Zante, 2020

Acrylic on canvas

Graham Rich-Marks to Starboard

Graham Rich

Marks to Starboard, 2013

Giclee on 310 gsm Hahnemuhle rag

Graham Rich-The Anchor Stone, Dartmouth

Graham Rich

The Anchor Stone, Dartmouth, 2008

Found material and marine paint SOLD

Colin Sealy-Athens by P&O

Colin Sealy

Athens by P&O

Watercolour SOLD

Arthur Segal-Village Lodge

Arthur Segal

Village Lodge

Wood block SOLD

Blek Le Rat-Man Who Walks Through Walls

Blek Le Rat

Man Who Walks Through Walls, 2008

Screenprint SOLD

Tony Shiels-Nude, St Ives

Tony Shiels

Nude, St Ives, 1961

Mixed media

Robert Speight-Mornington Crescent

Robert Speight

Mornington Crescent

Oil on canvas SOLD

Graham Sutherland-La Tour des Oiseaux

Graham Sutherland

La Tour des Oiseaux, 1976

Colour lithograph SOLD

Robin Tanner-The Full Moon

Robin Tanner

The Full Moon, 1973

Etching SOLD

Margaret Thomas-The Present

Margaret Thomas

The Present, 1988

Oil on panel

Julian Trevelyan-Thames Regatta

Julian Trevelyan

Thames Regatta, 1951

Lithograph SOLD

Michael Upton-Room - Washing Line

Michael Upton

Room - Washing Line, 1987

Oil on board SOLD

Eric Ward-West Pier at St Ives Harbour

Eric Ward

West Pier at St Ives Harbour

Oil on board SOLD