Belgrave St Ives - Modern & Contemporary Art


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Frank Auerbach-Head of Julia

Frank Auerbach

Head of Julia, 2001


W. Barns-Graham-From Island, St Ives (Gilly and Sven's House)

W. Barns-Graham

From Island, St Ives (Gilly and Sven's House), 1984

Pencil on paper

W. Barns-Graham-Orange and Lemon Playing Games II

W. Barns-Graham

Orange and Lemon Playing Games II, 1999

Screenprint SOLD

W. Barns-Graham-Invasion III - Lemon and Emerald on Scarlet

W. Barns-Graham

Invasion III - Lemon and Emerald on Scarlet, 1970

Oil and acrylic on board

Anthony Benjamin-Earl

Anthony Benjamin

Earl, 1999

Etching and aquatint

Trevor Bell-Landmark

Trevor Bell

Landmark, 1963

Oil on wood SOLD

Bitossi-Rimini Blu Cylindered Vase


Rimini Blu Cylindered Vase

Refractory clay

Bitossi-Rimini Blu Cat


Rimini Blu Cat

Refractory clay SOLD

Bitossi-Rimini Blu Slab Vase


Rimini Blu Slab Vase

Refractory clay SOLD

Bitossi-Rimini Blu Elephant


Rimini Blu Elephant

Stoneware SOLD

John Emanuel-Untitled (Reclining Male Nude on Blue)

John Emanuel

Untitled (Reclining Male Nude on Blue)

Oil on board

Virginia Bounds-Good Company

Virginia Bounds

Good Company, 2022

Oil on canvas

Michael Cardew-Large Slipware Jug

Michael Cardew

Large Slipware Jug

Slipware SOLD

Trevor Corser-Vase

Trevor Corser


Stoneware SOLD

Henrietta Dubrey-Sport

Henrietta Dubrey

Sport, 2005

Oil on canvas SOLD

Paul Feiler-Ambit S I

Paul Feiler

Ambit S I, 1971


Anthony Frost-Blue Splash

Anthony Frost

Blue Splash, 2007

Acrylic and pumice on paper

Luke Frost-Pale Cerulean and Cobalt Blue Volts

Luke Frost

Pale Cerulean and Cobalt Blue Volts, 2018

Acrylic on aluminium

Terry Frost-Centre Blue (Kemp 249)

Terry Frost

Centre Blue (Kemp 249), 2002

Screenprint with collage

Terry Frost-Tolcarne Rhythm (Kemp 184)

Terry Frost

Tolcarne Rhythm (Kemp 184), 1998

Etching SOLD

Terry Frost-Ghost I (Red) (Kemp 126)

Terry Frost

Ghost I (Red) (Kemp 126), 1991

Etching and aquatint SOLD

Bo Hilton-On the Hill's Shoulder

Bo Hilton

On the Hill's Shoulder

Acrylic on paper

Patrick Hayman-Katharine Mansfield in Cornwall

Patrick Hayman

Katharine Mansfield in Cornwall

Oil on paper SOLD

Jeffrey Harris-Harbour, St Ives, The Malakoff (Colour Version)

Jeffrey Harris

Harbour, St Ives, The Malakoff (Colour Version), 1980

Colour etching

Roger Hilton-Untitled (Two Figures)

Roger Hilton

Untitled (Two Figures), 1972

Coloured crayon and charcoal

Roger Hilton-Untitled (Two Animal Forms)

Roger Hilton

Untitled (Two Animal Forms), 1973

Gouache SOLD

Janet Leach-Bottle Vase

Janet Leach

Bottle Vase


Leon Kossoff-The Booking Hall

Leon Kossoff

The Booking Hall, 1983


Jeremy Le Grice-Hillside

Jeremy Le Grice

Hillside, 1961

Oil on board

Jason Lilley-From Path to Zennor Head

Jason Lilley

From Path to Zennor Head

Oil on board

Alice Mumford-Clean Dishes

Alice Mumford

Clean Dishes

Oil on canvas SOLD

John Milne-Trio II (JM88)

John Milne

Trio II (JM88), 1969

Polished bronze

John Milne-Cat

John Milne


Pen, ink and wash SOLD

Bryan Pearce-Two Boats, St Ives

Bryan Pearce

Two Boats, St Ives, c1980

Pen and ink SOLD

Graham Rich-Talking to Willie about the Balanced Lugsail

Graham Rich

Talking to Willie about the Balanced Lugsail, 2012

Found material and marine paint

Arnold van Praag-Boy in a Red Waistcoat (After Cézanne)

Arnold van Praag

Boy in a Red Waistcoat (After Cézanne), 2004

Oil on board

Karl Weschke-Sturmflöten

Karl Weschke

Sturmflöten, 1966

Oil on canvas

Troika Pottery-Chimney Vase

Troika Pottery

Chimney Vase