Belgrave St Ives - Modern & Contemporary Art

CAMBERWELL Teachers and Students - a Personal Selection

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Robert Medley-Two Heroes

Robert Medley

Two Heroes, 1959

Oil on canvas SOLD

Philip Matthews-Farm and Fields

Philip Matthews

Farm and Fields, 1971

Oil on board SOLD

Maurice Feild-Bathers

Maurice Feild


Watercolour SOLD

Bernard Myers-Baling

Bernard Myers


Oil on canvas SOLD

Richard Lee-Yellow Roses

Richard Lee

Yellow Roses, 1992

Oil on paper SOLD

Tom Espley-Nude with Yellow Cloth

Tom Espley

Nude with Yellow Cloth, 1974

Oil on board

Tom Espley-Nude in an Interior

Tom Espley

Nude in an Interior

Oil and pencil on canvas

Anthony Eyton-Untitled (Reclining Female Nude)

Anthony Eyton

Untitled (Reclining Female Nude), 1985

Pastel SOLD

Mario Dubsky-The Caretaker at The Slade

Mario Dubsky

The Caretaker at The Slade, 1957

Charcoal on paper SOLD

Henry Inlander-Open Window

Henry Inlander

Open Window

Oil on canvas SOLD

Henry Inlander-Tuscan Landscape

Henry Inlander

Tuscan Landscape, c1956

Oil on canvas SOLD

Sargy Mann-Snowy Sunset, Dec '69 Barnet

Sargy Mann

Snowy Sunset, Dec '69 Barnet, 1969

Oil on board SOLD

Sargy Mann-View Over the Wall, Evening. 1968. 108 MV

Sargy Mann

View Over the Wall, Evening. 1968. 108 MV, 1968

Oil on board SOLD

Keith Grant-Iceberg Blazing under Midnight Sun

Keith Grant

Iceberg Blazing under Midnight Sun

Oil on canvas

Adrian Berg-Gloucester Lodge, Regents Park

Adrian Berg

Gloucester Lodge, Regents Park, 1975

Acrylic on canvas

Peter Clossick-L.J.

Peter Clossick


Oil on canvas SOLD

George Rowlett-Marion Profile Nude, Red Wall

George Rowlett

Marion Profile Nude, Red Wall, 1984

Oil on canvas SOLD

Arnold van Praag-Fishmonger's Slab

Arnold van Praag

Fishmonger's Slab, 1992

Oil on board SOLD

Arnold van Praag-In the Park

Arnold van Praag

In the Park, 2004

Oil on board SOLD

Graham Giles-Oak in Autumn

Graham Giles

Oak in Autumn

Oil on paper

Terry Scales-Cat on a Tin Roof

Terry Scales

Cat on a Tin Roof, 1995

Oil on canvas SOLD

Sarah Spackman-Greengage Trio

Sarah Spackman

Greengage Trio

Oil on board

Sarah Spackman-The Lidl Rose

Sarah Spackman

The Lidl Rose

Oil on board

Alice Mumford-Orange Peel and Roses

Alice Mumford

Orange Peel and Roses, 2003

Oil on board SOLD

Anthony Fry-Untitled

Anthony Fry


Oil on board

Ben Levene-Sweet Williams

Ben Levene

Sweet Williams

Oil on canvas SOLD

Elliott Seabrooke-Untitled (Extensive Landscape)

Elliott Seabrooke

Untitled (Extensive Landscape)

Oil on canvas SOLD

Felicity Mara-Cadence

Felicity Mara


Flashe paint on canvas

Anna Lovely-Forever Sleeping

Anna Lovely

Forever Sleeping, 2018

Pen and ink

Anna Lovely-Girl, Bird and Moon

Anna Lovely

Girl, Bird and Moon, 2019


Terry Frost-Untitled (Female Figure Studies)

Terry Frost

Untitled (Female Figure Studies)

Ink and wash on paper

Francis Hoyland-Jane and Gillian

Francis Hoyland

Jane and Gillian, 2007

Pen, ink and wash SOLD

John Charles Clark-Sleeping Nude

John Charles Clark

Sleeping Nude, 1992

Linocut SOLD

Keith Vaughan-Untitled

Keith Vaughan


Pencil, watercolour & wash on paper SOLD

Michael Strang-A Nocturne, Porthmeor Beach, Moon and Stars

Michael Strang

A Nocturne, Porthmeor Beach, Moon and Stars, 1995

Oil on card

Alice Mumford-Peaches and Turquoise Jug

Alice Mumford

Peaches and Turquoise Jug, 2022

Oil on board SOLD