Belgrave St Ives - Modern & Contemporary Art


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W. Barns-Graham-Collage 84

W. Barns-Graham

Collage 84, 1983

Acrylic on card on hardboard (collage)

W. Barns-Graham-Relief 1967

W. Barns-Graham

Relief 1967, 1967

Mixed media on board

W. Barns-Graham-Vision in Time III

W. Barns-Graham

Vision in Time III, 2006

Screenprint SOLD

Sven Berlin-Dark Still Life

Sven Berlin

Dark Still Life, 1969

Oil on board

Bob Bourne-Red Cup

Bob Bourne

Red Cup

Oil on board

Bob Bourne-Untitled (Cornish Landscape)

Bob Bourne

Untitled (Cornish Landscape)

Oil on board SOLD

Michael Canney-Blasted Oak - Shoreham

Michael Canney

Blasted Oak - Shoreham, c1947

Etching SOLD

Maurice Cockrill-Untitled

Maurice Cockrill

Untitled, 1987

Oil on canvas

Bob Crossley-Double Image 9

Bob Crossley

Double Image 9, 1964

Gouache on paper

Clifford Ellis-Untitled

Clifford Ellis

Untitled, 1953

Lithograph SOLD

John Emanuel-Smeaton's Pier & West Pier, St Ives Harbour

John Emanuel

Smeaton's Pier & West Pier, St Ives Harbour

Oil on canvas

John Emanuel-Figure I

John Emanuel

Figure I

Mixed media on paper laid on card

John Emanuel-Nude & Window

John Emanuel

Nude & Window

Mixed media on paper

John Emanuel-Red Landscape

John Emanuel

Red Landscape

Oil and mixed media on board SOLD

Merlyn Evans-St Ives Beach

Merlyn Evans

St Ives Beach, 1973


Paul Feiler-Balcony with Beach

Paul Feiler

Balcony with Beach, 1954


Terry Frost-Maquette for Sun Bow

Terry Frost

Maquette for Sun Bow, 2002

Ink and pastel on paper

Terry Frost-Vertical Rhythms II (Kemp 243)

Terry Frost

Vertical Rhythms II (Kemp 243), 2002

Screenprint SOLD

Terry Frost-Black Sun (with Hand Working)

Terry Frost

Black Sun (with Hand Working), 1988

Collage and acrylic

Terry Frost-Red on Yellow Rhythm

Terry Frost

Red on Yellow Rhythm, c2003

Acrylic and canvas collage on board SOLD

Patrick Hayman-Still Life on a Dark Cloth

Patrick Hayman

Still Life on a Dark Cloth, 1956

Oil on board

Howard Hodgkin-Tropic Fruit

Howard Hodgkin

Tropic Fruit, 1981


Roger Hilton-Untitled (Two Figures)

Roger Hilton

Untitled (Two Figures), 1972

Coloured crayon and charcoal

Jeremy Le Grice-Hillside

Jeremy Le Grice

Hillside, 1961

Oil on board

Jeremy Le Grice-Mont St Victoire aux homage á Cézanne

Jeremy Le Grice

Mont St Victoire aux homage á Cézanne, 1993

Oil on board

Jeremy Le Grice-Untitled (Cape Cornwall)

Jeremy Le Grice

Untitled (Cape Cornwall)

Charcoal and gouache

Alexander Mackenzie-Scrimshaw - Mary Rose

Alexander Mackenzie

Scrimshaw - Mary Rose, 2002

Etching and aquatint

Antoni Malinowski-Drifting I

Antoni Malinowski

Drifting I, 2015

Oil on canvas

Antoni Malinowski-Indian Yellow

Antoni Malinowski

Indian Yellow, 1998

Oil on canvas

William Marshall-Tall Ovoid Vase

William Marshall

Tall Ovoid Vase


Paul Nash-Joe Pentifer & Son (The Thatcher)

Paul Nash

Joe Pentifer & Son (The Thatcher), 1921


Paul Nash-Simon Rodd (The Fisherman)

Paul Nash

Simon Rodd (The Fisherman), 1921

Woodcut SOLD

Paul Nash-The Raider on the Moor

Paul Nash

The Raider on the Moor, 1940

Lithograph SOLD

Ben Nicholson-Palaestra with Moon (Lafranca 118)

Ben Nicholson

Palaestra with Moon (Lafranca 118), 1967

Etching SOLD

Rachel Nicholson-Bird Mug, Striped Mug & Black Spoon

Rachel Nicholson

Bird Mug, Striped Mug & Black Spoon, 2013

Gouache on board SOLD

Julius Olsson-Sea Crashing against the Rocks

Julius Olsson

Sea Crashing against the Rocks

Oil on panel SOLD

John Piper-Annunciation to the Shepherds (ex-cat)

John Piper

Annunciation to the Shepherds (ex-cat), 1973


Patrick Procktor-Nude Study

Patrick Procktor

Nude Study

Watercolour and gouache

Elliott Seabrooke-Untitled (Extensive Landscape)

Elliott Seabrooke

Untitled (Extensive Landscape)

Oil on canvas

Hyman Segal-Untitled (St Ives Harbour)

Hyman Segal

Untitled (St Ives Harbour)

Pastel SOLD

Keith Vaughan-Untitled (Still Life)

Keith Vaughan

Untitled (Still Life)

Watercolour and ink on paper SOLD

Robin Welch-Small Bowl

Robin Welch

Small Bowl

Stoneware SOLD

Robert Adams-Screen Form

Robert Adams

Screen Form, 1973

Lithograph SOLD

Robert Adams-Sculptural Figure

Robert Adams

Sculptural Figure, 1949

Monotype SOLD

W. Barns-Graham-Another Time

W. Barns-Graham

Another Time, 1999

Silkscreen SOLD

Sven Berlin-Hyperion Light (Page 55)

Sven Berlin

Hyperion Light (Page 55), c1955

Pen and ink SOLD

Michael Canney-Redruth

Michael Canney

Redruth, c1950s

Watercolour SOLD

Christopher Chamberlain-Still Life with Paint Pallet, Brushes and Bottles

Christopher Chamberlain

Still Life with Paint Pallet, Brushes and Bottles

Oil on board SOLD

Trevor Corser-Studio Pottery Vase

Trevor Corser

Studio Pottery Vase

Stoneware SOLD

Alan Davie-Bird Through Wall

Alan Davie

Bird Through Wall, 1973

Lithograph SOLD

Robyn Denny-Untitled (Blue)

Robyn Denny

Untitled (Blue), 1969

Screenprint SOLD

Patrick Dolan-New Baby

Patrick Dolan

New Baby, 1961

Oil on canvas SOLD

Clifford Ellis-Advertisement Design for Shell

Clifford Ellis

Advertisement Design for Shell, 1934

Pastel on paper SOLD

Anthony Eyton-Off Bosherton Bay

Anthony Eyton

Off Bosherton Bay, 1939

Oil on board SOLD

Yankel Feather-Untitled (Lovers)

Yankel Feather

Untitled (Lovers)

Oil on canvas SOLD

Michael Finn-Untitled (Brown)

Michael Finn

Untitled (Brown), 1988

Oil on canvas SOLD

Michael Finn-Deep Red on Black/Purple

Michael Finn

Deep Red on Black/Purple

Oil on canvas SOLD

Anthony Fry-Three Trees

Anthony Fry

Three Trees

Mixed media on paper SOLD

Edna Ginesi-The Lake

Edna Ginesi

The Lake, 1937

Oil on canvas SOLD

Duncan Grant-Interior

Duncan Grant

Interior, 1973

Lithograph SOLD

Barbara Hepworth-Moon Landscape

Barbara Hepworth

Moon Landscape, 1973

Lithograph SOLD

Patrick Heron-Red Garden

Patrick Heron

Red Garden, 1956

Lithograph SOLD

Patrick Heron-Two Pink Discs in Dark Reds

Patrick Heron

Two Pink Discs in Dark Reds, 1970

Screenprint SOLD

Roger Hilton-Untitled

Roger Hilton

Untitled, 2006

Colour etching SOLD

Roger Hilton-Untitled Landscape

Roger Hilton

Untitled Landscape, c1973

Gouache and acrylic on paper SOLD

John Hitchens-Gentle Shore

John Hitchens

Gentle Shore, 1965

Oil on canvas SOLD

John Hoyland-Window Genie

John Hoyland

Window Genie, 1997

Screenprint with woodblock SOLD

Bryan Ingham-Button

Bryan Ingham

Button, 1983

Collage on board SOLD

Bryan Ingham-Fishing Boat

Bryan Ingham

Fishing Boat, 1983

Pencil, oil & collage on shaped board SOLD

Bernard Leach-Drawing for a Pot

Bernard Leach

Drawing for a Pot, 1973

Lithograph SOLD

Jane Lanyon-Ovoid Vase

Jane Lanyon

Ovoid Vase, 1992

Stoneware SOLD

Margo Maeckelberghe-Mine Valley

Margo Maeckelberghe

Mine Valley, 1974

Oil on board SOLD

Alexander Mackenzie-Winter Fields

Alexander Mackenzie

Winter Fields, 2002

Etching and aquatint SOLD

John McLean-Pau

John McLean

Pau, 2004

Oil on canvas SOLD

F McWilliam-Women of Belfast

F McWilliam

Women of Belfast, 1973

Lithograph SOLD

Robert Medley-Bathers by a Lake

Robert Medley

Bathers by a Lake, 1987

Oil on canvas SOLD

Margaret Mellis-Hollyhock & Marigold

Margaret Mellis

Hollyhock & Marigold, 1988

Coloured chalks on envelope SOLD

John Milne-Untitled (Drawing for Sculpture)

John Milne

Untitled (Drawing for Sculpture), 1966

Mixed media on paper SOLD

Henry Moore-Silhouette Figures with Border Design

Henry Moore

Silhouette Figures with Border Design, 1973

Lithograph SOLD

John Milne-Untitled (Sculptural Forms)

John Milne

Untitled (Sculptural Forms), 1967

Charcoal on paper SOLD

Paul Nash-Pony (The Footballer)

Paul Nash

Pony (The Footballer), 1921

Woodcut SOLD

Paul Nash-Rufus Clay (The Foreigner)

Paul Nash

Rufus Clay (The Foreigner), 1921

Woodcut SOLD

Paul Nash-Prelude

Paul Nash

Prelude, 1944

Offset Lithograph SOLD

Paul Nash-The Dry Land Appearing

Paul Nash

The Dry Land Appearing, 1924

Woodcut SOLD

Paul Nash-Thesiger Crowne (The Mason)

Paul Nash

Thesiger Crowne (The Mason), 1921

Woodcut SOLD

Ben Nicholson-Abstract 1936

Ben Nicholson

Abstract 1936, 1973

Lithograph SOLD

Ben Nicholson-July 15

Ben Nicholson

July 15, 1955

Collograph SOLD

Victor Pasmore-Points of Contact No.12

Victor Pasmore

Points of Contact No.12, 1967

Screenprint SOLD

Bryan Pearce-West Pier, St Ives

Bryan Pearce

West Pier, St Ives, 1973

Etching SOLD

Michael Rothenstein-Sunrise at 36,000 ft

Michael Rothenstein

Sunrise at 36,000 ft, 1973

Screenprint SOLD

William Scott-Three Pears and Pan

William Scott

Three Pears and Pan, 1955

Lithograph SOLD

Tony Shiels-Figure

Tony Shiels

Figure, 1960

Gouache SOLD

Algernon Talmage-Untitled (Aylesbury Ducks) and Grazing Cow (verso)

Algernon Talmage

Untitled (Aylesbury Ducks) and Grazing Cow (verso), c1900

Oil on panel SOLD

Karl Weschke-Black & Brown

Karl Weschke

Black & Brown, 1958

Lithograph SOLD

E. Wright-From Gurnards Head, Cornwall

E. Wright

From Gurnards Head, Cornwall, 1911

Oil on board SOLD

Bryan Wynter-Phalanx

Bryan Wynter

Phalanx, 1958

Lithograph SOLD