Belgrave St Ives - Modern & Contemporary Art

WINTER 2020 - Pictures

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W. Barns-Graham-Orange and Lemon Playing Games I

W. Barns-Graham

Orange and Lemon Playing Games I, 1999

Screenprint SOLD

W. Barns-Graham-Orange and Lemon Playing Games II

W. Barns-Graham

Orange and Lemon Playing Games II, 1999

Screenprint SOLD

W. Barns-Graham-Beach

W. Barns-Graham

Beach, 1999


Anthony Benjamin-Verbs of the Sea

Anthony Benjamin

Verbs of the Sea, 1999

Etching and aquatint

Sven Berlin-Hyperion Light (Page 55)

Sven Berlin

Hyperion Light (Page 55), c1955

Pen and ink SOLD

Bob Bourne-Cretan Cafina

Bob Bourne

Cretan Cafina

Oil on panel

Joyce Cairns-Introducing Rommel and Fritzi

Joyce Cairns

Introducing Rommel and Fritzi


Jessica Cooper-Little Plant

Jessica Cooper

Little Plant, 2019

Acrylic on painted panel SOLD

Tom Cross-The Cottage

Tom Cross

The Cottage, 1960

Gouache and charcoal

Alan Davie-Energy is Delight

Alan Davie

Energy is Delight, 2001

Screenprint SOLD

Henrietta Dubrey-Little Red Rooster

Henrietta Dubrey

Little Red Rooster, 2020

Oil on canvas SOLD

Henrietta Dubrey-White Track, Sharp Red

Henrietta Dubrey

White Track, Sharp Red, 2018

Oil on canvas

Roy Turner Durrant-Untitled

Roy Turner Durrant

Untitled, 1959

Mixed media SOLD

Clifford Ellis-Untitled

Clifford Ellis

Untitled, 1953


John Emanuel-Figure & Fruit

John Emanuel

Figure & Fruit, 2020

Monotype with handworking

Anthony Eyton-Off Bosherton Bay

Anthony Eyton

Off Bosherton Bay, 1939

Oil on board SOLD

Paul Feiler-Balcony with Beach

Paul Feiler

Balcony with Beach, 1954


Michael Finn-Untitled (Grey with Dark Horizontal Band)

Michael Finn

Untitled (Grey with Dark Horizontal Band)

Oil on canvas SOLD

Peter Freeman-Colour Space

Peter Freeman

Colour Space, 2020

Neon tube with plaster base

Peter Freeman-Nanjizal

Peter Freeman

Nanjizal, 2020

Neon tube with plaster base SOLD

Anthony Frost-Blue Crayola

Anthony Frost

Blue Crayola, 2016

Screenprint with woodblock

Luke Frost-Deep Cobalt Grey Volts

Luke Frost

Deep Cobalt Grey Volts, 2019

Acrylic on aluminium

Terry Frost-Yellow and Blue for Bowjey (Kemp 210)

Terry Frost

Yellow and Blue for Bowjey (Kemp 210), 2000

Screenprint and woodblock

Terry Frost-A Book of Ideas - Page 77

Terry Frost

A Book of Ideas - Page 77, 1976

Collage, ink and graphite

Anthony Fry-Three Trees

Anthony Fry

Three Trees

Mixed media on paper SOLD

Margaret Green-Untitled (Study for 'Ironing')

Margaret Green

Untitled (Study for 'Ironing')

Oil on canvas

Jeffrey Harris-Penwith IV (Full Moon)

Jeffrey Harris

Penwith IV (Full Moon), 2019

Mixed media on panel

Patrick Hayman-Surreal Landscape

Patrick Hayman

Surreal Landscape

Mixed media on board

Isobel Heath-Bosvargus

Isobel Heath


Watercolour SOLD

Roger Hilton-Untitled

Roger Hilton

Untitled, 2006

Colour etching

Liz Hough-Midday

Liz Hough

Midday, 2019

Oil on canvas

Ffiona Lewis-Little Britains

Ffiona Lewis

Little Britains, 2017

Oil on gesso board

Ffiona Lewis-Silt, Sand and Samphire Banks

Ffiona Lewis

Silt, Sand and Samphire Banks, 2018

Oil on gesso board

Jason Lilley-Battles Can Wait

Jason Lilley

Battles Can Wait

Oil on board

Mary Mabbutt-Figure Study

Mary Mabbutt

Figure Study, 2015

Oil on board

Alexander Mackenzie-Winter Fields

Alexander Mackenzie

Winter Fields, 2002

Etching and aquatint SOLD

Margo Maeckelberghe-Cot Walk

Margo Maeckelberghe

Cot Walk, 1997

Gouache on paper SOLD

Alice Mumford-Open Window

Alice Mumford

Open Window, 2020

Oil on board SOLD

Alice Mumford-Summer Warmth

Alice Mumford

Summer Warmth, 2020

Oil on board SOLD

Ben Nicholson-Still Life with Curves (Lafranca 13)

Ben Nicholson

Still Life with Curves (Lafranca 13), 1966

Etching SOLD

Breon O'Casey-Untitled

Breon O'Casey


Linocut SOLD

Jane O'Malley-Still Life with Pears, Jug in a Window, Landscape in Distance

Jane O'Malley

Still Life with Pears, Jug in a Window, Landscape in Distance, 1993

Oil on paper

Bryan Pearce-Smeaton's Pier

Bryan Pearce

Smeaton's Pier

Etching SOLD

Brian Rice-Mazefield

Brian Rice

Mazefield, 1995

Linocut SOLD

Graham Rich-Sailing the Mewstone Passage

Graham Rich

Sailing the Mewstone Passage

Found material and marine paint SOLD

Norman Town-Mending the Sea Wall, Cornwall

Norman Town

Mending the Sea Wall, Cornwall, 1948

Ink and gouache on paper SOLD

Geoffrey Underwood-Our Lady of the Kitchen

Geoffrey Underwood

Our Lady of the Kitchen

Oil on board

Unknown Artist-Untitled (Nude Figure)

Unknown Artist

Untitled (Nude Figure), 1959

Linocut SOLD

Keith Vaughan-Centaur and Man

Keith Vaughan

Centaur and Man, 1940

Pen and ink SOLD

Keith Vaughan-Untitled

Keith Vaughan


Pencil, watercolour & wash on paper

Eric Ward-Bethesda Hill

Eric Ward

Bethesda Hill, 2020

Oil on panel SOLD

Eric Ward-Fish Street, St Ives, Across to the Church

Eric Ward

Fish Street, St Ives, Across to the Church, 2020

Oil on panel

Eric Ward-St Ives Island from Clodgy Point

Eric Ward

St Ives Island from Clodgy Point

Oil on panel

Jack Watson-Whilst We Wait the Horses Leave

Jack Watson

Whilst We Wait the Horses Leave, 2020

Oil on canvas

Bryan Wynter-Phalanx

Bryan Wynter

Phalanx, 1958

Lithograph SOLD