Belgrave St Ives - Modern & Contemporary Art

Bob Bourne

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Bob Bourne-Blue and Green Door

Blue and Green Door

Oil on board

Bob Bourne-Crucifix and Empty Chairs

Crucifix and Empty Chairs

Oil on board

Bob Bourne-Dinner


Oil on canvas

Bob Bourne-Flowers in the Window

Flowers in the Window

Oil on board

Bob Bourne-Man Moving Chair

Man Moving Chair

Oil on canvas

Bob Bourne-Nudes in a Room

Nudes in a Room

Oil on canvas

Bob Bourne-Red Cup

Red Cup

Oil on board

Bob Bourne-Red, Blue & Yellow Zigzag

Red, Blue & Yellow Zigzag

Oil on board

Bob Bourne-Still Life with Jug

Still Life with Jug

Oil on board

Bob Bourne-The Dance

The Dance

Oil on canvas

Bob Bourne-Two Figures in Interior

Two Figures in Interior

Oil on canvas laid on board

Bob Bourne-Untitled (Harbour)

Untitled (Harbour)

Oil on canvas SOLD

Bob Bourne-Untitled (Interior with Red Plate)

Untitled (Interior with Red Plate)

Oil on board

Bob Bourne-Untitled (Interior with Round Window)

Untitled (Interior with Round Window)

Oil on board

Bob Bourne-Untitled (Mine Building on an Island)

Untitled (Mine Building on an Island)

Oil on board

Bob Bourne-Untitled (Still Life with Cornish Landscape)

Untitled (Still Life with Cornish Landscape)

Oil on board

Bob Bourne-Interior with Telephone

Interior with Telephone, 1994

Oil on board

Bob Bourne-Untitled (Penwith Fields)

Untitled (Penwith Fields), 1999

Oil on canvas

Bob Bourne-Blue Skies

Blue Skies, 2000

Oil on panel

Bob Bourne-Self Portrait

Self Portrait, 2002

Oil on panel

Bob Bourne-The Paint Brush

The Paint Brush, 2004

Oil on board

Bob Bourne-Untitled (Cretan Landscape)

Untitled (Cretan Landscape), c2005

Oil on board

Bob Bourne-Blue Chair

Blue Chair, 2006

Oil on board

Bob Bourne-The Picnic

The Picnic, 2011

Oil on board

Bob Bourne-The Keeper

The Keeper, 2012

Oil on board

Bob Bourne-Jug on Table

Jug on Table, 2016

Oil on canvas