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Helen Feiler

Helen Feiler (b.1952)

Helen was raised in an artistic family, with both her parents being painters. Her father, Paul Feiler, was an abstract artist, while her mother, June Miles, was well-known for her still life, portrait, and landscape paintings. From a young age, Helen was introduced by her father as the artist of the family.up, Helen would observe her parents painting; her father in his studio and her mother painting portraits in their upstairs sitting room in Bristol. At around the age of ten, she set up her first studio in a coal cellar, clearing out the coal and creating a space with whitewashed walls and a sheet curtain. Here, she experimented with melted wax, soldering wire and paint to create her early works.

Helen sold her first painting to Eugene Rosenberg, an architect and art collector. She began exhibiting at a young age and had several solo exhibitions, including a showcase of works on paper at the Redfern Gallery in 2007. In 1998, she established a gallery in Newlyn, also serving as her studio, where she crafted jewellery using the lost-wax method, inspired by ancient jewellery techniques. Her jewellery has been widely exhibited and is renowned for its bold, original and sculptural style, reflecting her background as an artist.

When she travels, which is regularly, Helen paints. Until last year, she worked in a studio in Lamu, Kenya where she painted for twenty years during the UK's winter months. In the summer, she returned to Cornwall to make jewellery. Lamu is an island which has long attracted creative people, and while there, she found the solace she needed to paint.