Belgrave St Ives - Modern & Contemporary Art

Jessica Cooper RWA

Jessica Cooper RWA (b.1967)

Studied: Goldsmiths College 1986-1989, Falmouth School of Art 1985-1986

Mentor individual practice 20142020
Tutor, Newlyn School of Art, 2014 - 2016
Commissioned by Tate St Ives to create artwork for merchandise 2013
Finalists National Open Art Exhibition, The Minerva Theatre, Chichester 2010
Freelance curator, The Old Dairy, County Council, Cornwall 2010
Elected RWA Academician, Royal West of England Academy Bristol 2007
Open Painting Exhibition, Highly Commended Award, RWA, Bristol 2005
Drawing Quarters Award, University of the West of England, Bristol 2005

Freelance artist with Tate St. Ives, The Exchange and Newlyn Art Gallery, Cornwall

Selected solo exhibition

'Reflecting Images', Belgrave St Ives, Cornwall

'Introducing the New', Edgar Modern, London

'The Intimate Landscape', Belgrave St Ives, Cornwall
'It Doesn't Take Much to Make Me Happy', Tremenheere Sculpture Gardens, Cornwall

'The View from Here', Edgar Modern, Bath

But Plastic is Beautiful', Kestle Barton, Cornwall 2016
'One Divided By Two', Belgrave St Ives, Cornwall

'The Four Corners of the World Plus One', The Stour Gallery, Warwickshire
'The Fabric Unrolls', The Picture Room, Newlyn Art Gallery, Cornwall

'Just Turn Left', Edgar Modern, Bath

Good Enough to Eat, St. Enodoc, Cornwall
Fixtures and Fittings, Kestle Barton, Cornwall

'An Open Book', Edgar Modern, Bath
'A Little Print', The Picture Room, Newlyn Art Gallery, Cornwall
'Life Without Words', The Stour Gallery, Warwickshire

'A Place to Be', Hart Gallery, London

'Interior Exterior', The Stour Gallery, Warwickshire
'Because I Love to paint', Edgar Modern, Bath
'On The Ramp Wall', The Exchange, Penzance, Cornwall
'The Certainty of Uncertainty', Hart Gallery, London
'Eclectic and the Sea', Badcocks Gallery, Newlyn, Cornwall

'In Between Lines', Edgar Modern, Bath
'One View', Penhaven Gallery, St. Ives
'New Paintings', The Stour Gallery, Warwickshire

'Martin Tinney Gallery', Cardiff
'Tell Me A Story', Badcocks Gallery, Newlyn, Cornwall
'Edgar Modern', Bath
'The Stour Gallery', Warwickshire

'To France: Italy and then Home', Thompsons Galleries, London
'Newlyn Now', Badcocks Gallery, Newlyn, Cornwall

The Stour Gallery, Warwickshire
Beyond the Sea, Padstow

Thompsons Galleries, London
'Painting Eden', Badcocks Gallery, Newlyn. Cornwall

Recent Paintings, Newlyn Art Gallery, Cornwall
Beyond the Sea, Padstow

The Great Atlantic Mapworks, Cornwall

The Great Atlantic Mapworks, Cornwall

The Hypatia Trust, Cornwall

Local View, Bread Street Gallery, Cornwall

Recent Selected Group Exhibitions:

Member Shows, Penwith Gallery, Cornwall
London Art Fair, Edgar Modern, London

167 Annual, RWA, Bristol
Singapore Art Fair, Edgar Modern, Singapore
The Art for Life Project, West Hollywood
USA New York Art Fair, Edgar Modern, USA Gallery Artist
Belgrave St Ives, Cornwall
Tremenheere Artists, Tremenheere Sculpture Gardens, Cornwall

New York Art Fair, Edgar Modern, USA
Postcard Auction. RWA, Bristol London Art Fair, Edgar Modern
London Members Shows, Penwith Gallery, Cornwall
Auction, Thelma Hulbert Gallery, Dorset

London Art Fair, Edgar Modern, London
165 Annual, RWA, Bristol Summer Show
Belgrave St Ives, Cornwall
N.O.A.C in collaboration with Art Rooms, selected work, Melia White House, London

Members Show, Penwith Gallery, Cornwall
Tutors Touring Show, Newlyn School of Art, Newlyn Art Gallery, Cornwall
Lynne Strover, Cambridge, Moncrieff bray, Sussex
'The Landscape', Edgar Modern, Bath
'Mixed Moderns + Contemporaries', Belgrave St Ives, Cornwall

RWA, 'Annual 163', Bristol
Belgrave Gallery, 'Prints and Drawings', Cornwall
'Mixed Contemporaries', Belgrave St Ives, Cornwall
Stoneman Gallery, London + Cornwall
'NSA 293', Penwith Gallery, Cornwall
Penwith Society of Arts, Cornwall

RWA, 'Annual 162,' Bristol
Critics Choice, Laura Gascoigne, NSA, Cornwall
Josie Eastwood, Hampshire
'St Ives Joins West Bay', The Old Timber Yard, Dorset
Penwith Society of Arts, Cornwall
'Sketch 13', Plymouth College of Art, Selected Touring Exhibition, UK
Artists from Cornwall, The Stour Gallery, Warwickshire
Chelsea Art Fair, Stoneman Gallery, London
'Sketch 13', Black Swan Arts Somerset, Selected Touring Sketchbook Exhibition, UK

'Yuletide: Modern & Contemporary Art & Design', Belgrave St Ives
'Sketch 13' Rabley Drawing Centre, Selected touring sketchbook exhibition
'The Newlyn School of Art Tutors Show', Newlyn Art Gallery, Cornwall
'100 years - 100 works', Royal Anniversary Exhibition, RWA, Bristol
'Drawn', RWA, Bristol
'Painting the Everyday', Thelma Hulbert Gallery, Devon
Stoneman Gallery, Orchard Flower Farm, Cornwall
'The Sketchbook', Cornwall Contemporary, Cornwall
Summer Exhibition, Belgrave St Ives
'161 Autumn Exhibition', RWA, Bristol

Summer Show, Stoneman Gallery, Cornwall
50th anniversary, New Craftsman, Cornwall
Modern and Contemporary, Belgrave Gallery, Cornwall
'Bite Artists Making Prints,' Mall Galleries, London

'Winter Exhibition: Paintings and 3D Works by Fifty Contemporary Artists', Belgrave St Ives
'Fire by Fire', The Exchange, Penzance, Cornwall
'159 Autumn Exhibition', RWA, Bristol
'Print', Newlyn Society of Artists, The Exhcange, Penzance, Cornwall
'Soul', Josie Eastwood Fine Art, Hampshire
'In Abundance', Kestle Barton, Cornwall
'Summer Waves' Belgrave St Ives, Cornwall
'The Quality of Things', Gwynedd Museum and Art Gallery, Wales
'The Picture Room', Newlyn Art Gallery, Cornwall

'MMXAS', Belgrave St Ives
Finalists national open art exhibition, The Minerva Theatre, Chichester
'158 Autumn Exhibition', RWA, Bristol
'Salmagundi', Belgrave Gallery, St Ives
Belgrave Gallery, St. Ives, Cornwall
157 Autumn Exhibition, RWA, Bristol
'Double Vision' (NSA), The Exchange, Penzance, Cornwall
'A Cornish Perspective' (NSA), RWA, Bristol
'Working Small' (NSA), Newlyn Art Gallery, Cornwall
Call Back Auction, The Exchange, Penzance, Cornwall
The Drawing Room 11, RWA, Bristol
150@150 Exhibition, RWA, Bristol

'Art Now Cornwall', Tate St. Ives, Cornwall
'A Postcard From St. Ives', Belgrave Gallery, Cornwall
'Margins', Sherborne House, Dorset
'St. Ives 1975-2005 Art Colony In Transition', Martins Gallery, Cheltenham

'Colour And Chemistry' Sherborne House, Dorset
'From The Edge' Sherborne House, Dorset

Three Person Show, Newlyn Art Gallery, Cornwall
'Critics Choice' (NSA) Norbert Lynton, Lemon Street Gallery, Truro, Cornwall
'Drawing' (NSA), Newlyn Art Gallery, Cornwall
'Stoneman and Pease', The Conings by Gallery, London
153 Autumn Exhibition, RWA, Bristol
Open Painting Exhibition, RWA, Bristol

'Platform 100', ING Bank in association with the Discerning Eye, London
Critics Choice (NSA), John Russell Taylor, Newlyn Art Gallery, Cornwall
'The Cornish Show', Thompsons Galleries, London
'ID' (NSA), Newlyn Art Gallery, Cornwall

'New Artists', Martin Tinney Gallery, Cardiff
Critics Choice (NSA) Joan Bakewell, Newlyn Art Gallery, Cornwall
'From The Heart' (NSA) Newlyn Art Gallery, Cornwall

'Critics Choice' (NSA), Mel Gooding, Newlyn Art Gallery, Cornwall
Two Person Show, Stour Gallery, Warwickshire
'The Cornish Show', Thompsons Galleries, London
'The Other Hand '(NSA), Newlyn Art Gallery, Cornwall

Behind the Canvas touring exhibition, The Great Atlantic Mapworks, Cornwall
Critics Choice (NSA) David Falconer, Newlyn Art Gallery, Cornwall
Three Person Show, Thompsons Galleries, London
Three Person Show, Badcocks Gallery, Cornwall
The Dividing Line (NSA), Newlyn Art Gallery, Cornwall
London Art Fair (Thompsons), The Business Design Centre, London

Critics Choice (NSA) Charlotte Mullings, Newlyn Art Gallery, Cornwall
The British Show, Lemon Street Gallery, Cornwall
Three Person Show, Lemon Street Gallery, Cornwall
Three Person Show, Rainyday Gallery, Cornwall
The Light Show (NSA), Newlyn Art Gallery, Cornwall

Royal West of England Academy, Bristol
Newlyn Art Gallery and The Exchange, Cornwall
Cornwall County Council
The Hypatia Trust, Cornwall
Slaughter and May, London
St. Enodoc Hotel, Cornwall
Private, Europe and USA