Belgrave St Ives - Modern & Contemporary Art

W. Barns-Graham CBE

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W. Barns-Graham CBE-Strung Forms II

Strung Forms II, 1959

Gouache and pencil on paper

W. Barns-Graham CBE-Untitled

Untitled, 1965

Oil on board

W. Barns-Graham CBE-Invasion III - Lemon and Emerald on Scarlet

Invasion III - Lemon and Emerald on Scarlet, 1970

Oil and acrylic on board

W. Barns-Graham CBE-Wind Dance, North Sea

Wind Dance, North Sea, 1979

Mixed media on board

W. Barns-Graham CBE-Family Series, December No.7

Family Series, December No.7, 1981

Oil on hardboard

W. Barns-Graham CBE-Collage I (Migration Series)

Collage I (Migration Series), 1982

Acrylic on board

W. Barns-Graham CBE-Linear Meditation 2

Linear Meditation 2, 1991

Pen, ink & oil on card

W. Barns-Graham CBE-Untitled 37/97

Untitled 37/97, 1997

Media details to follow

W. Barns-Graham CBE-From Island, St Ives (Gilly and Sven's House)

From Island, St Ives (Gilly and Sven's House), 1984

Pencil on paper

W. Barns-Graham CBE-Beach

Beach, 1999


W. Barns-Graham CBE-Summer (Yellow)

Summer (Yellow), 1999


W. Barns-Graham CBE-Millennium Series Blue II

Millennium Series Blue II, 2000


W. Barns-Graham CBE-Millennium Series: Red II

Millennium Series: Red II, 2000


W. Barns-Graham CBE-Vision in Time I

Vision in Time I, 2000


W. Barns-Graham CBE-Earth Series II

Earth Series II, 2002


W. Barns-Graham CBE-Homage to Johnny

Homage to Johnny, 2002