Belgrave St Ives - Modern & Contemporary Art

Patrick Hayman

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Patrick Hayman-Dragon and Castle

Dragon and Castle, 1982

Metal and painted wood

Patrick Hayman-Self Portrait of Patrick Hayman and his Wife Barbara

Self Portrait of Patrick Hayman and his Wife Barbara

Ink and gouache on paper

Patrick Hayman-Untitled (Adoration Of The Magi)

Untitled (Adoration Of The Magi)

Mixed media on paper

Patrick Hayman-Untitled (Woman & Girl)

Untitled (Woman & Girl)


Patrick Hayman-Near the Shore

Near the Shore, 1945

Oil on cardboard

Patrick Hayman-Still Life on a Dark Cloth

Still Life on a Dark Cloth, 1956

Oil on board

Patrick Hayman-Lady Godiva

Lady Godiva, 1960

Oil on board

Patrick Hayman-Knight, Death and the Angel

Knight, Death and the Angel, 1962

Gouache on paper

Patrick Hayman-Roland at the Battle of Roncevaux

Roland at the Battle of Roncevaux, 1965

Gouache on paper

Patrick Hayman-Lady into Fox

Lady into Fox, 1974

Oil on board

Patrick Hayman-Mountie with Pennant

Mountie with Pennant, 1980

Oil on board

Patrick Hayman-Adam and Eve

Adam and Eve, 1982

Oil on board

Patrick Hayman-Untitled

Untitled, 1986