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Bob Crossley

Bob Crossley (1912-2010)

Born: Northwich

Studied: Rochdale School of Art

Moved to St Ives: 1959

Elected Member Manchester Academy 1950
Elected Member Penwith Society of Arts 1960
Elected Member Newlyn Society of Artists 1961


Solo Exhibitions:

'Bob Crossley, Centenary Year', Belgrave St. Ives
'Bob Crossley, A Lancashire Lad Book Launch', Belgrave St. Ives'Bob Crossley - Recent Work 2008', Belgrave Gallery St. Ives

'Paintings', Belgrave Gallery St. Ives

'A Retrospective', Rochdale Art Gallery

'Post Retrospective', Penwith Gallery, St. Ives

'Retrospective' Penwith Gallery, St. Ives

Bristol Art Centre

Penwith Gallery, St. Ives

Curwen Gallery, London

Gallerie Bique, Madrid

Reid Gallery, London

Reid Gallery, London

Crane Gallery Manchester


Selected Mixed Exhibitions:

St Ives Exhibition 2012, Belgrave St Ives

'Axis: Aspects of British Abstract Painting, St Ives and London', Belgrave St Ives

Salmagundi, Belgrave St. Ives
Post-War Abstract, Belgrave St. Ives
Print Show - Modern, Contemporary & Urban, Belgrave St. Ives

Belgrave St. Ives
December Exhibition, Belgrave St. Ives
Tate St. Ives
Penwith Galleries

December Exhibition, Belgrave St Ives
'The Cornish Connection', Belgrave St Ives

'29 to 92' Belgrave St Ives

'St. Ives Past and Present', Sherborne House, Dorset
'St. Ives Exhibition', Belgrave Gallery St. Ives

'29 - 92', Belgrave Gallery St. Ives
'Porthmeor', Belgrave Gallery St. Ives

'As Dark As Light' Tate St Ives

Beaux Arts Gallery

Redfern Gallery

Arts Council Northern Ireland, Belfast

Wills Lane Gallery, St. Ives
City Art Gallery, Milton Keynes
Sail Loft Gallery, St. Ives
Newlyn Art Gallery (to the present)

Penwith Gallery (to the present)

Piccadilly Gallery, London

Paris Salon

The London Group

Manchester Academy

Selected Collections

Contemporary Art Society
Winnipeg Art Gallery
Museum & Art Gallery, Durban
RAF Museum Hendon
Rochdale Art Gallery


Catalogue extract:
After a career spanning nearly 60 years, Bob Crossley is still painting with enviable vigour, conscience and enthusiasm, in both oil and acrylic, at the age of almost 94. His distinctive approach to painting is informed by an uncompromising and rigorous philosophical and ethical stance, which imbues his work with an undiminished integrity. The oil paintings - generally abstracted treatments of either figure or landscape - are characterised by a 'wet-in-wet' approach that holds respect for the unity of the picture plane as paramount. His brushwork is guided by an insistence on spontaneity, rhythm, improvisation, the possibilities of chance, and the perfection of practise. These qualities are combined with an unerringly harmonic sense of colour and tone colour (predominantly of an 'earthy' nature) in the creation of works that are instantly recognisable as his own. However, despite a successful career and the deep respect of many of his peers and collectors (stemming from the consistently high quality of his oil paintings, his unique style of acrylic painting, and the commercial success of around 50 editions of screenprints in the late 60s and early 70s), Bob Crossley's work has, in some respects, not received the full accolades it so richly deserves. He is a painter influenced initially by the Impressionism of the early 20th century whose work is informed most tangibly by the post-war Modernism of the 1950s. The works in this exhibition demonstrate Bob's strengths impeccably. The large 'Diagonal Blues' from 1978 is a fine example of his broad-brushed examinations into the relative opacity and transparency of acrylic paint, rendered here with confident energy, vibrant colour, and controlled composition.