Belgrave St Ives - Modern & Contemporary Art

WINTER EXHIBITION 2018 - Prints, Drawings and Small Paintings

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Craigie Aitchison-Daffodils and Candlestick

Craigie Aitchison

Daffodils and Candlestick, 1998

Screenprint SOLD

Frank Auerbach-Head of Julia

Frank Auerbach

Head of Julia, 2001


Julian Bailey-Estuary Sailing, Falmouth

Julian Bailey

Estuary Sailing, Falmouth

Drypoint etching

John Barnicoat-Cornish Harbour I

John Barnicoat

Cornish Harbour I, 1946

Pen, ink and wash

W. Barns-Graham-Orange and Yellow Playing Games II

W. Barns-Graham

Orange and Yellow Playing Games II, 1999

Screenprint SOLD

Trevor Bell-Clamp Image with Black

Trevor Bell

Clamp Image with Black, 1982


Vanessa Bell-The Schoolroom

Vanessa Bell

The Schoolroom, 1938

Lithograph SOLD

Anthony Benjamin-Come to Daze

Anthony Benjamin

Come to Daze, 1999

Etching and aquatint

Sven Berlin-Horse for Sculpture

Sven Berlin

Horse for Sculpture, 1985

Pen and ink on paper SOLD

Sven Berlin-Untitled (Head of a Goat)

Sven Berlin

Untitled (Head of a Goat)

Ink and wash SOLD

Elizabeth Blackadder-Still Life with Lily and Flute

Elizabeth Blackadder

Still Life with Lily and Flute

Colour etching SOLD

Peter Blake-Bobbie Rainbow

Peter Blake

Bobbie Rainbow, 2001

Lithograph on tin SOLD

Peter Blake-R is for Rainbow

Peter Blake

R is for Rainbow, 1991

Screenprint on metal SOLD

Michael Blodget-Evensong

Michael Blodget


Oil on board

Sandra Blow-Untitled

Sandra Blow

Untitled, 2003

Watercolour SOLD

John Bolam-Untitled

John Bolam


Gouache on paper SOLD

John Bolam-Wayside Find

John Bolam

Wayside Find, 2001

Gouache on paper SOLD

Virginia Bounds-Inside the Studio

Virginia Bounds

Inside the Studio, 2018


Virginia Bounds-Planting Some Seeds No.1

Virginia Bounds

Planting Some Seeds No.1, 2018


Bob Bourne-Still Life with Window

Bob Bourne

Still Life with Window, 2015

Oil on canvas

Denis Bowen-Desert Space

Denis Bowen

Desert Space, 1994

Oil on wood

Denis Bowen-Untitled

Denis Bowen

Untitled, 1997

Mixed media on paper

Denis Bowen-Untitled

Denis Bowen

Untitled, c1985

Mixed media SOLD

Charles Breaker-Newlyn Narrows

Charles Breaker

Newlyn Narrows

Watercolour and gouache

Horace Brodzky-Washbasin

Horace Brodzky

Washbasin, 1919

Linocut SOLD

Michael Broido-Untitled Drawing

Michael Broido

Untitled Drawing, 1970

Pencil on paper SOLD

Sydney Buckley-Cornish Pattern

Sydney Buckley

Cornish Pattern


Patrick Caulfield-Night Sky

Patrick Caulfield

Night Sky, 1973


Paul Cezanne-Houses on the Hill

Paul Cezanne

Houses on the Hill


John Charles Clark-Drawing

John Charles Clark

Drawing, 2005

Graphite and wax on paper

Henry Cliffe-Untitled (Christmas Card)

Henry Cliffe

Untitled (Christmas Card), 1958

Lithograph SOLD

Maurice Cockrill-Ash

Maurice Cockrill

Ash, 1998

Etching and aquatint SOLD

Bernard Cohen-Lithograph II

Bernard Cohen

Lithograph II, 1965

Lithograph SOLD

Bernard Cohen-Lithograph IV (Bonnie)

Bernard Cohen

Lithograph IV (Bonnie), 1965

Lithograph SOLD

Tom Cross-Untitled

Tom Cross


Gouache and watercolour on paper SOLD

Bob Crossley-Double Triad - Ochre

Bob Crossley

Double Triad - Ochre, 1969


Bob Crossley-Orange Puce Centre

Bob Crossley

Orange Puce Centre, 1969


Alan Davie-Magic Picture No.2

Alan Davie

Magic Picture No.2, 1978


Peter Davies-Arches, St Ives

Peter Davies

Arches, St Ives, 2018


Sarah Davies-Illogan Field

Sarah Davies

Illogan Field

Drypoint monotype SOLD

Robyn Denny-Waddington Suite (Blue)

Robyn Denny

Waddington Suite (Blue), 1968

Screenprint SOLD

Jane Dickson-El Niño Motorcycle

Jane Dickson

El Niño Motorcycle, 1999


Henrietta Dubrey-Autumn Fruit No.3

Henrietta Dubrey

Autumn Fruit No.3, 2018

Oil paint and crayon on paper SOLD

Henrietta Dubrey-Autumn Fruit No.4

Henrietta Dubrey

Autumn Fruit No.4, 2018

Oil paint and crayon on paper SOLD

Bernard Dunstan-Interior, Viterbo

Bernard Dunstan

Interior, Viterbo, 1974


Roy Turner Durrant-Snow Sanctuary, Battersea Inscape

Roy Turner Durrant

Snow Sanctuary, Battersea Inscape, 1962

Acrylic on paper

John Elwyn-Untitled (Yellow Landscape with Farmstead)

John Elwyn

Untitled (Yellow Landscape with Farmstead)

Lithograph SOLD

John Emanuel-Classical Head

John Emanuel

Classical Head

Oil and gold leaf on board

John Emanuel-Friends

John Emanuel


Etching with hand colouring

John Emanuel-Janet

John Emanuel


Colour etching

John Emanuel-St Agnes, The Gugh, The Isles of Scilly

John Emanuel

St Agnes, The Gugh, The Isles of Scilly

Oil on board SOLD

Tom Espley-Nude with Yellow Cloth

Tom Espley

Nude with Yellow Cloth, 1974

Oil on board

Mary Fedden-Pot of Shells

Mary Fedden

Pot of Shells, 1971


Clifford Fishwick-Entrance to Loch Laxford

Clifford Fishwick

Entrance to Loch Laxford, 1987

Gouache on card SOLD

Clifford Fishwick-Trinity House Depot, Holyhead

Clifford Fishwick

Trinity House Depot, Holyhead, 1950


Anthony Frost-Rollercoaster Red

Anthony Frost

Rollercoaster Red, 1983

Acrylic on canvas

Anthony Frost-Lunar Notes I

Anthony Frost

Lunar Notes I, 2005

Screenprint with woodblock

Anthony Frost-Lunar Notes II

Anthony Frost

Lunar Notes II, 2005

Screenprint with woodblock

Anthony Frost-Mascara Snake III

Anthony Frost

Mascara Snake III, 1996


Luke Frost-Blue Cobalt Volts Study

Luke Frost

Blue Cobalt Volts Study, 2016

Monoprint with handworking

Terry Frost-Blue Love Tree

Terry Frost

Blue Love Tree, 2003

Screenprint with collage SOLD

Terry Frost-Lizard Black

Terry Frost

Lizard Black, 1995

Screenprint SOLD

Terry Frost-Untitled (Olympic Rings)

Terry Frost

Untitled (Olympic Rings), 1996


Alistair Grant-Pigeon Racing

Alistair Grant

Pigeon Racing, 1957


Duncan Grant-Washerwoman

Duncan Grant

Washerwoman, 1974


Henri Hayden-La Colline Rouge (The Red Hill)

Henri Hayden

La Colline Rouge (The Red Hill), 1968

Lithograph SOLD

Henri Hayden-Landscape

Henri Hayden

Landscape, 1961

Lithograph SOLD

Henri Hayden-Paysage Bleu

Henri Hayden

Paysage Bleu, 1968

Lithograph SOLD

Henri Hayden-Untitled (Blue Landscape)

Henri Hayden

Untitled (Blue Landscape), 1971

Lithograph SOLD

Patrick Hayman-Boat in Harbour

Patrick Hayman

Boat in Harbour

Watercolour and pencil on paper

Patrick Hayman-Untitled (Woman & Girl)

Patrick Hayman

Untitled (Woman & Girl)


Isobel Heath-Bosvargus

Isobel Heath



Ray Hedger-Small Landscape

Ray Hedger

Small Landscape, 2006

Oil on board SOLD

Barbara Hepworth-Rangatira II

Barbara Hepworth

Rangatira II, 1970


Josef Herman-Four Fisherwomen

Josef Herman

Four Fisherwomen, 1975


Josef Herman-On the Way Home

Josef Herman

On the Way Home, 1975

Lithograph SOLD

Patrick Heron-Silk Scarf for Tate Gallery

Patrick Heron

Silk Scarf for Tate Gallery, 1979

Silkscreen SOLD

Rose Hilton-Figure

Rose Hilton



Roger Hilton-Untitled (Seated Figure)

Roger Hilton

Untitled (Seated Figure)


John Hopwood-Chair with Blue Dressing Gown

John Hopwood

Chair with Blue Dressing Gown, 1976

Oil on canvas SOLD

Liz Hough-Cottages, West Penwith

Liz Hough

Cottages, West Penwith, 2017

Oil and collage on board SOLD

Liz Hough-View Through

Liz Hough

View Through, 2017

Oil and collage on board SOLD

John Hoyland-Anniversary

John Hoyland

Anniversary, 2008

Lithograph SOLD

Francis Hoyland-Seated Girl

Francis Hoyland

Seated Girl

Oil on board SOLD

Alexis Hunter-Artist and Muse

Alexis Hunter

Artist and Muse, 1988

Monoprint, watercolour & printing ink SOLD

Bryan Ingham-Portrait of Aysel

Bryan Ingham

Portrait of Aysel, 1989

Mixed media SOLD

Ronald King-Flower

Ronald King

Flower, 1965


Bernard Leach-Landscape with Large Tree

Bernard Leach

Landscape with Large Tree

Soft ground etching SOLD

Ffiona Lewis-Flowerhead Fretwork

Ffiona Lewis

Flowerhead Fretwork, 2018

Pastel and wash

Ffiona Lewis-Summer Heads Entwined

Ffiona Lewis

Summer Heads Entwined, 2017

Pastel and wash

Jason Lilley-Zennor

Jason Lilley


Etching with handworking

Reginald Lloyd-Melting Snow, Dartmoor

Reginald Lloyd

Melting Snow, Dartmoor, 1982


Mary Lloyd Jones-Hydref

Mary Lloyd Jones

Hydref, 2000


Alexander Mackenzie-Winter Fields

Alexander Mackenzie

Winter Fields, 2002

Etching and aquatint

Jane Mac Miadhachain-Sunny Afternoon in October

Jane Mac Miadhachain

Sunny Afternoon in October

Monoprint SOLD

Jane Mac Miadhachain-Down by the Harbour

Jane Mac Miadhachain

Down by the Harbour

Monoprint SOLD

Jane Mac Miadhachain-A Grey Mist Coming In

Jane Mac Miadhachain

A Grey Mist Coming In

Monoprint SOLD

Padraig Mac Miadhachain-Zennor

Padraig Mac Miadhachain

Zennor, 1987

Charcoal on paper

Ian Macpherson-Untitled

Ian Macpherson

Untitled, 1983


Felicity Mara-To The Island from the Studio

Felicity Mara

To The Island from the Studio

Charcoal and conte on paper SOLD

Felicity Mara-The Island

Felicity Mara

The Island

Charcoal on paper




Watercolour and pencil on paper SOLD

Janie Mcleod-Sea Wall - Study

Janie Mcleod

Sea Wall - Study

Mixed media collage

Bernard Meadows-Cockerel

Bernard Meadows

Cockerel, c1955


Bernard Meadows-Drawing for Sculpture 11

Bernard Meadows

Drawing for Sculpture 11, 1977

Watercolour and pencil

Margaret Mellis-Fruit

Margaret Mellis

Fruit, 1979

Oil on raw canvas SOLD

Denis Mitchell-Untitled (Abstracted Figural Forms for Sculpture)

Denis Mitchell

Untitled (Abstracted Figural Forms for Sculpture)

Oil on board SOLD

Denis Mitchell-Untitled (Two Female Nudes)

Denis Mitchell

Untitled (Two Female Nudes), 1950

Oil on board

Denis Mitchell-Whale (Tablemat)

Denis Mitchell

Whale (Tablemat), 1955

Screenprint on linen

Henry Moore-Ideas for Metal Sculpture VI

Henry Moore

Ideas for Metal Sculpture VI, 1981

Lithograph SOLD

Alice Mumford-Lemon Yellow and Orange

Alice Mumford

Lemon Yellow and Orange, 2017

Oil on board

Alice Mumford-Lemon Yellow and Rose

Alice Mumford

Lemon Yellow and Rose, 2017

Oil on board SOLD

Henry Mundy-Untitled

Henry Mundy

Untitled, 1964


Paul Nash-Moonlight Voyage

Paul Nash

Moonlight Voyage, 1940

Lithograph SOLD

Ben Nicholson-Shell Poster

Ben Nicholson

Shell Poster, 1969


William Packer-Rio San Vio, Venice

William Packer

Rio San Vio, Venice, 1996

Oil on card

Jack Paffett-Feedback III

Jack Paffett

Feedback III, 2016


Victor Pasmore-Spiral Motif

Victor Pasmore

Spiral Motif, 1975

Etching and aquatint

Bryan Pearce-St Ives from Fernlea Terrace

Bryan Pearce

St Ives from Fernlea Terrace, 2005


Christopher Pemberton-At Poppies, Bardwell

Christopher Pemberton

At Poppies, Bardwell, 1993

Pencil and watercolour

Richard Platt-Myself Among Other Things

Richard Platt

Myself Among Other Things, 1950


Sarah Poland-North Atlantic Drift

Sarah Poland

North Atlantic Drift, 2006

Oil on canvas

Douglas Portway-Nude

Douglas Portway

Nude, 1981

Pencil on paper SOLD

Brian Rice-Mazefield

Brian Rice

Mazefield, 1995


Brian Rice-Radio

Brian Rice

Radio, 1968


Graham Rich-A Guardian Angel

Graham Rich

A Guardian Angel

Found material and marine paint SOLD

Ceri Richards-La Catherdrale Engloutie I

Ceri Richards

La Catherdrale Engloutie I, 1959

Lithograph SOLD

Bridget Riley-Gallery One Exhibition Catalogue

Bridget Riley

Gallery One Exhibition Catalogue, 1963

Offset Lithograph

Michael Rothenstein-Forest Birds

Michael Rothenstein

Forest Birds, 1991

Woodcut SOLD

Georges Rouault-La Parade (from Maîtres et Petits Maîtres d'Aujourd'hui)

Georges Rouault

La Parade (from Maîtres et Petits Maîtres d'Aujourd'hui), 1926

Lithograph SOLD

Adrian Ryan-Untitled (Beach Scene)

Adrian Ryan

Untitled (Beach Scene)

Oil on board

Jenny Ryrie-Winter Moors

Jenny Ryrie

Winter Moors

Watercolour, acrylic and charcoal

Willi Soukop-Untitled (Seated Woman in Ceremonial Dress)

Willi Soukop

Untitled (Seated Woman in Ceremonial Dress)

Mixed media on paper SOLD

Sarah Spackman-Garden Apples

Sarah Spackman

Garden Apples

Oil on paper

Sarah Spackman-Nasturtium

Sarah Spackman


Pencil on paper

Sarah Spackman-Quince

Sarah Spackman


Pencil on paper

Mary Stork-Sai Kung Heat, Hong Kong

Mary Stork

Sai Kung Heat, Hong Kong, 1995

Pastel on paper

Douglas Swan-Fisherman and Lobster Pots

Douglas Swan

Fisherman and Lobster Pots


Julian Trevelyan-Lock Keeper's Cottage

Julian Trevelyan

Lock Keeper's Cottage, 1975


Unknown Artist-Untitled (Abstract Composition)

Unknown Artist

Untitled (Abstract Composition), 1984


Unknown Artist-Untitled

Unknown Artist



Unknown Artist-Sleeping Sailors

Unknown Artist

Sleeping Sailors

Pen, ink and wash SOLD

Unknown Artist-Untitled (Uninspiring Coastal Landscape)

Unknown Artist

Untitled (Uninspiring Coastal Landscape), 1945

Oil on canvas

Aldo Salvadori-Untitled (Woman at a Table)

Aldo Salvadori

Untitled (Woman at a Table)


Roy Walker-Twist

Roy Walker

Twist, 1980

Screenprint SOLD

Amanda Wallwork-416 Million Years

Amanda Wallwork

416 Million Years, 2017

Oil and graphite on board

Eric Ward-Bird's Nest

Eric Ward

Bird's Nest, 2018

Oil on board SOLD

Billie Waters-An Old Mill

Billie Waters

An Old Mill


Jack Watson-Sojourner I

Jack Watson

Sojourner I, 2018

Acrylic, oil and pencil on paper SOLD

Jack Watson-Sojourner VI

Jack Watson

Sojourner VI, 2018

Acrylic and oil pastel SOLD

John Wells-Untitled XIV

John Wells

Untitled XIV

Watercolour and pencil

Karl Weschke-Fishcatcher

Karl Weschke

Fishcatcher, 1980

Lithograph SOLD

Aubrey Williams-Rasta Fari

Aubrey Williams

Rasta Fari, 1970

Oil on canvas laid on board SOLD

Alan Windsor-Untitled Abstract

Alan Windsor

Untitled Abstract, 1975

Gouache, pencil and collage on paper

Edward Wolfe-Nude Studies

Edward Wolfe

Nude Studies, c1950

Pencil on paper

Sarah Woods-From Priest Cove to Land's End

Sarah Woods

From Priest Cove to Land's End, 2018

Photopolymer etching on Somerset paper SOLD

Sarah Woods-Water Study

Sarah Woods

Water Study, 2018

Photopolymer etching on Somerset paper SOLD

Virginia Woolf-Theatre Programme

Virginia Woolf

Theatre Programme, 1981


Bryan Wynter-Untitled

Bryan Wynter

Untitled, 1958

Lithograph on wove paper SOLD

Harold Yates-Green Apple

Harold Yates

Green Apple

Oil on canvas