Belgrave St Ives - Modern & Contemporary Art


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David Hockney-Two Apples & One Lemon & Four Flowers

David Hockney

Two Apples & One Lemon & Four Flowers, 1997

Lithograph on newsprint SOLD

Craigie Aitchison-Sheep at Tulliallan

Craigie Aitchison

Sheep at Tulliallan, 1998

Screenprint SOLD

Sarah Armstrong-Jones-Tree

Sarah Armstrong-Jones

Tree, 1994

Mixed media on paper

Frank Auerbach-Bill

Frank Auerbach

Bill, 2009

Etching SOLD

W. Barns-Graham-Linear Movement Orkney 3

W. Barns-Graham

Linear Movement Orkney 3, 1984

Pen, ink & oil on card SOLD

W. Barns-Graham-Cape Cornwall

W. Barns-Graham

Cape Cornwall, 1991


W. Barns-Graham-Quiet Time

W. Barns-Graham

Quiet Time, 1999

Silkscreen SOLD

Paul Bawden-Untitled I

Paul Bawden

Untitled I


Paul Bawden-Untitled IV

Paul Bawden

Untitled IV


Paul Bawden-Untitled III

Paul Bawden

Untitled III

Screenprint SOLD

Basil Beattie-Spoilt for Choice

Basil Beattie

Spoilt for Choice, 1998

Screenprint with woodblock SOLD

Anthony Benjamin-Earl

Anthony Benjamin

Earl, 1999

Etching and aquatint

Anthony Benjamin-Still Life With Pears And Bananas

Anthony Benjamin

Still Life With Pears And Bananas, 1990

Graphite on paper

Sven Berlin-Untitled (Self Portrait)

Sven Berlin

Untitled (Self Portrait), 1976

Pen and ink SOLD

Sven Berlin-Untitled (Bird of Prey)

Sven Berlin

Untitled (Bird of Prey)

Ink on paper

Sandra Blow-Halcyon Days

Sandra Blow

Halcyon Days, 1991

Screenprint SOLD

Virginia Bounds-Newlyn Mooring

Virginia Bounds

Newlyn Mooring, 2012

Etching and aquatint SOLD

Robert Brennan-Untitled

Robert Brennan



John Charles Clark-Reclining Figure

John Charles Clark

Reclining Figure, 1990

Graphite and wax on paper SOLD

-Study in Movement

Study in Movement, 1966

Conte on paper SOLD

Jessica Cooper-Granite Grey and Green

Jessica Cooper

Granite Grey and Green, 2012

Drypoint etching

Jessica Cooper-The Invigilator's Chair

Jessica Cooper

The Invigilator's Chair, 2012

Drypoint etching

Jessica Cooper-Grey Rail

Jessica Cooper

Grey Rail, 2012

Drypoint etching

Tom Cross-Untitled

Tom Cross


Collage on print base SOLD

Bob Crossley-Variations 25 (E2)

Bob Crossley

Variations 25 (E2), 1969

Screenprint SOLD

Peter Davies-Tregenna Roofs (St Ives)

Peter Davies

Tregenna Roofs (St Ives), 2011

Linocut SOLD

Peter Davies-St Ives Suite: Ped n Olva

Peter Davies

St Ives Suite: Ped n Olva, 2013


Peter Davies-Tate (St Ives)

Peter Davies

Tate (St Ives), 2012


Mario Dubsky-A Deposition from the Cross

Mario Dubsky

A Deposition from the Cross, 1960


John Emanuel-Whippets

John Emanuel


Etching SOLD

John Emanuel-Figure & Flowers

John Emanuel

Figure & Flowers

Etching with hand colouring SOLD

John Emanuel-Figure & Flowers

John Emanuel

Figure & Flowers

Etching with hand colouring SOLD

John Emanuel-Seated Nude

John Emanuel

Seated Nude, 1980

Screenprint SOLD

Tracey Emin-Kate Moss

Tracey Emin

Kate Moss, 2000

Polymer gravure etching SOLD

Anthony Farrell-High Street

Anthony Farrell

High Street, 2014


Mary Fedden-Untitled

Mary Fedden

Untitled, 1990

Giclee SOLD

Paul Feiler-Ambit SIII

Paul Feiler

Ambit SIII, 1971

Screenprint SOLD

Sandra Fisher-Untitled

Sandra Fisher


Soft ground etching

Megan Fishpool-Sand I

Megan Fishpool

Sand I

Colour etching SOLD

Clifford Fishwick-Digging Potatoes

Clifford Fishwick

Digging Potatoes, 1952

Lithograph SOLD

Matthew Frere-Smith-Untitled

Matthew Frere-Smith

Untitled, 1965

Screenprint SOLD

Matthew Frere-Smith-Untitled

Matthew Frere-Smith

Untitled, 1961

Screenprint SOLD

Anthony Frost-Green Blues

Anthony Frost

Green Blues, 2009

Screen print with woodblock SOLD

Terry Frost-Red, Black, White with Cream (Kemp 209)

Terry Frost

Red, Black, White with Cream (Kemp 209), 2000

Screenprint SOLD

Terry Frost-Spanish Dreams (Kemp 238)

Terry Frost

Spanish Dreams (Kemp 238), 2002

Screenprint & collage on embossed paper SOLD

Terry Frost-Untitled (Kemp 82)

Terry Frost

Untitled (Kemp 82), 1983

Etching SOLD

Terry Frost-Life is Just a Bowl of Cherries II

Terry Frost

Life is Just a Bowl of Cherries II, 2003

Screenprint on embossed paper SOLD

Maggie Hambling-Nude

Maggie Hambling

Nude, 1992

Charcoal on T.H. Saunders paper SOLD

Patrick Hayman-Merlin and Morgan Le Fey

Patrick Hayman

Merlin and Morgan Le Fey

Brush and ink

Patrick Hayman-Untitled (Woman)

Patrick Hayman

Untitled (Woman)


Patrick Hayman-Woman with Flowers

Patrick Hayman

Woman with Flowers

Linocut SOLD

Adrian Heath-Untitled

Adrian Heath

Untitled, 1973

Lithograph SOLD

Barbara Hepworth-Assembly of Square Forms

Barbara Hepworth

Assembly of Square Forms, 1969

Screenprint SOLD

Roger Hilton-Untitled (Seated Figure)

Roger Hilton

Untitled (Seated Figure)


Roger Hilton-Untitled (Nude Reclining)

Roger Hilton

Untitled (Nude Reclining)

Pencil SOLD

John Hopwood-Lady 1863

John Hopwood

Lady 1863

Graphite on paper

Liz Hough-Fields, Autumn

Liz Hough

Fields, Autumn, 2015

Drypoint and monotype

Liz Hough-Fields, Blue Mist

Liz Hough

Fields, Blue Mist, 2015


Liz Hough-Fields, Wind

Liz Hough

Fields, Wind, 2015


Liz Hough-Fields, Winter

Liz Hough

Fields, Winter, 2015


John Hoyland-Untitled (abstract composition)

John Hoyland

Untitled (abstract composition), 1973

Lithograph SOLD

Andy Hughes-Plastiglomerate as Whale Island

Andy Hughes

Plastiglomerate as Whale Island, 2015

Giclee pigment print

Nicholas Hughes-Metamorphosis I

Nicholas Hughes

Metamorphosis I, 2014

Digital C-type print SOLD

Andrzej Jackowski-Dawn Ghosts

Andrzej Jackowski

Dawn Ghosts, 1989


Sarah James-Echo 1 Island Yellow

Sarah James

Echo 1 Island Yellow, 2004

Etching and relief

Augustus John-Gwendolen

Augustus John

Gwendolen, c1902


Mark Johnston-Raw Ground

Mark Johnston

Raw Ground

Screenprint SOLD

S. Johnson-Fantasy III

S. Johnson

Fantasy III


Rachael Kantaris-Loop the Loop

Rachael Kantaris

Loop the Loop

Etching SOLD

Leon Kossoff-The Booking Hall, Kilburn Underground

Leon Kossoff

The Booking Hall, Kilburn Underground, 1982

Etching SOLD

Jacob Kramer-The Philosopher

Jacob Kramer

The Philosopher, c1922


Andrew Lanyon-Old Iron

Andrew Lanyon

Old Iron, 1998


Bernard Leach-Boat, Willow Tree and Duck Under Clouds

Bernard Leach

Boat, Willow Tree and Duck Under Clouds, 1920

Soft ground etching SOLD

Bernard Leach-Sunset

Bernard Leach

Sunset, 1971

Soft ground etching SOLD

Bernard Leach-Hakone Lake

Bernard Leach

Hakone Lake, 1971

Soft ground etching SOLD

Jason Lilley-Gold Mine

Jason Lilley

Gold Mine, 2015

Etching and aquatint

Marcus Lyon-Exodus VII - Tin Shack City

Marcus Lyon

Exodus VII - Tin Shack City, 2011

Photographic print

Alexander Mackenzie-Scrimshaw - Mary Rose

Alexander Mackenzie

Scrimshaw - Mary Rose, 2002

Etching and aquatint SOLD

Alexander Mackenzie-Winter Fields

Alexander Mackenzie

Winter Fields, 2002

Etching and aquatint SOLD

Ian McKeever-Untitled Diptych

Ian McKeever

Untitled Diptych, 1984

Lithograph on heavy wove paper

Philip Medley-Blood Money

Philip Medley

Blood Money, 2002

Sugarlift aquatint etching

Bryan Pearce-Lilies, Cream Ginger Jar and Fruit

Bryan Pearce

Lilies, Cream Ginger Jar and Fruit, 2006

Screenprint SOLD

Philip Medley-Flowers

Philip Medley

Flowers, 2004

Spit bite etching

Alice Mumford-The Table Lit by Overhead Light

Alice Mumford

The Table Lit by Overhead Light, 2012

Pencil on paper

Celia Paul-My Mother Asleep

Celia Paul

My Mother Asleep, 1991


Misome Peile-Untitled (Baby)

Misome Peile

Untitled (Baby)

Pastel SOLD

Kate Nicholson-Simply Bamboo

Kate Nicholson

Simply Bamboo

Pencil and wash on paper SOLD

Breon O'Casey-Acrobats II

Breon O'Casey

Acrobats II, 1999

Linocut SOLD

Sarah Poland-Anemone Love

Sarah Poland

Anemone Love, 2015

Lithograph SOLD

Sarah Poland-Wood Pigeon In The Snow 2

Sarah Poland

Wood Pigeon In The Snow 2, 2011

Lithograph SOLD

Sarah Poland-Woodpigeon In The Snow 2 (colour version)

Sarah Poland

Woodpigeon In The Snow 2 (colour version), 2011

Lithograph and watercolour SOLD

Barbara Rae-Red St Finian

Barbara Rae

Red St Finian

Mixed media SOLD

Alan Reynolds-Rhythmic Flora II

Alan Reynolds

Rhythmic Flora II, 1968


Brian Rice-Mazefield

Brian Rice

Mazefield, 1995

Linocut SOLD

Brian Rice-Sun God

Brian Rice

Sun God, 2003

Linocut and card relief SOLD

Graham Rich-Marks to Starboard

Graham Rich

Marks to Starboard, 2013

Giclee on 310 gsm Hahnemuhle rag

Jenny Ryrie-Kynance Cove nr. Lizard Point No.1, Pale Morning

Jenny Ryrie

Kynance Cove nr. Lizard Point No.1, Pale Morning, 2010

Watercolour and crayon

Michael Snow-Carn Vellan

Michael Snow

Carn Vellan, 1969

Etching SOLD

Unknown Artist-Untitled  (Optical Work)

Unknown Artist

Untitled (Optical Work)

Scraper Board SOLD

Unknown Artist-Janet Leach and Mini Cooper S

Unknown Artist

Janet Leach and Mini Cooper S

Photograph SOLD

Unknown Artist-Nothing Is Original

Unknown Artist

Nothing Is Original


Unknown Artist-Harbour Scene

Unknown Artist

Harbour Scene

Linocut SOLD

Unknown-Untitled (Moored Boats)


Untitled (Moored Boats)

Photograph SOLD

Unknown Artist-Goat (style of Nicola Hicks)

Unknown Artist

Goat (style of Nicola Hicks)

Etching and aquatint

Unknown Artist-Figure Studies (Neo-romantic style study)

Unknown Artist

Figure Studies (Neo-romantic style study)

Pen, ink and wash SOLD

Unknown Artist-Study of a Nude

Unknown Artist

Study of a Nude

Charcoal SOLD

Unknown Artist-Untitled (Yellow)

Unknown Artist

Untitled (Yellow), 1970

Screenprint SOLD

Eric Ward-The Dolly Pentreath

Eric Ward

The Dolly Pentreath

Etching SOLD

John Wells-Untitled VIII

John Wells

Untitled VIII


John Wells-Untitled XVI

John Wells

Untitled XVI

Ink on paper SOLD

Phil Whiting-Elegiac Landscape, Wendron

Phil Whiting

Elegiac Landscape, Wendron, 2009

Monoprint SOLD

Gary Wragg-Orange Shape

Gary Wragg

Orange Shape, 1981

Mixed media on paper SOLD