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S Terry Frost RA

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S Terry Frost RA-Untitled (Laced Red, Black & White)

Untitled (Laced Red, Black & White)

Paper collage

S Terry Frost RA-A Book of Ideas - Page 107

A Book of Ideas - Page 107, c1970s

Acrylic and ink

S Terry Frost RA-A Book of Ideas - Pages 20/21

A Book of Ideas - Pages 20/21, c1970s

Canvas collage and acrylic

S Terry Frost RA-Two Suns

Two Suns, 1982

Acrylic and gouache on paper

S Terry Frost RA-Two for Black and White

Two for Black and White, 1992

Oil and charcoal on canvas

S Terry Frost RA-Untitled (Red, Black & White with Yellow)

Untitled (Red, Black & White with Yellow), 1995

Acrylic, paper, card & bootlace collage

S Terry Frost RA-Gold & Black

Gold & Black, 1996

Acrylic & canvas collage on board

S Terry Frost RA-Suspended Ochre And Red

Suspended Ochre And Red, 2003

Acyrlic, collage and pastel on board

S Terry Frost RA-Untitled (Female Figure Studies)

Untitled (Female Figure Studies)

Ink and wash on paper

S Terry Frost RA-Untitled (Portrait)

Untitled (Portrait), c1940s

Pen and ink on paper

S Terry Frost RA-Olives

Olives, c1986

Oil pastel on paper

S Terry Frost RA-Yorkshire Landscape (Sheep)

Yorkshire Landscape (Sheep), 1956


S Terry Frost RA-Brown Figure (Kemp 25)

Brown Figure (Kemp 25), 1957


S Terry Frost RA-Red and Black Linear (Kemp 38)

Red and Black Linear (Kemp 38), 1967


S Terry Frost RA-Ice Blue

Ice Blue, 1972


S Terry Frost RA-Yellow Curtain (Kemp 67)

Yellow Curtain (Kemp 67), 1972


S Terry Frost RA-Green, Black and Orange Chevrons

Green, Black and Orange Chevrons, 1995

Etching with hand colouring

S Terry Frost RA-Tolcarne Rhythm

Tolcarne Rhythm, 1998

Colour etching and aquatint

S Terry Frost RA-Red & Black Sun

Red & Black Sun, 1999

Colour etching

S Terry Frost RA-Red, Yellow and Black

Red, Yellow and Black, 1999


S Terry Frost RA-Yellow, Red & Black For Nice (Kemp 222)

Yellow, Red & Black For Nice (Kemp 222), 2001

Screenprint with collage

S Terry Frost RA-'Arizona Blue' Charger (ex-cat)

'Arizona Blue' Charger (ex-cat), c1999