Belgrave St Ives - Modern & Contemporary Art

Sven Berlin

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Sven Berlin-Head of a Fish

Head of a Fish


Sven Berlin-Warrior Head

Warrior Head, 1972


Sven Berlin-Lazarus II

Lazarus II, 2017


Sven Berlin-Untitled (Fruit in a Blue Bowl)

Untitled (Fruit in a Blue Bowl)

Acrylic on board

Sven Berlin-Dark Still Life

Dark Still Life, 1969

Oil on board

Sven Berlin-70s Girl with Swan

70s Girl with Swan, 1973

Oil on board

Sven Berlin-Writer (Self Portrait with Poem)

Writer (Self Portrait with Poem), 1979

Acrylic on board

Sven Berlin-Self Portrait

Self Portrait, 1980

Oil on board

Sven Berlin-Praying Mantis

Praying Mantis

Pen, ink and wash

Sven Berlin-Untitled (Goat in Cornish Landscape)

Untitled (Goat in Cornish Landscape)


Sven Berlin-Cottage at Reskadinnick

Cottage at Reskadinnick, 1939


Sven Berlin-Untitled (Self Portrait)

Untitled (Self Portrait), 1976

Pen and ink