Belgrave St Ives - Modern & Contemporary Art

Virginia Bounds

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Virginia Bounds-Bloom

Bloom, 2018

Oil on gesso panel

Virginia Bounds-Down the Garden Path

Down the Garden Path, 2017

Oil on canvas

Virginia Bounds-Light Promise

Light Promise, 2017

Oil on linen

Virginia Bounds-Silently She Sees

Silently She Sees, 2017

Oil on canvas

Virginia Bounds-The Ground We Tread

The Ground We Tread, 2017

Oil on canvas

Virginia Bounds-The Sound of Containment

The Sound of Containment, 2016

Oil on canvas

Virginia Bounds-Anchor Studio Garden No.2

Anchor Studio Garden No.2

Oil on three Daler panels

Virginia Bounds-Rock the Baby

Rock the Baby

Oil on linen

Virginia Bounds-Inside the Studio

Inside the Studio, 2018


Virginia Bounds-Planting Some Seeds No.1

Planting Some Seeds No.1, 2018