Belgrave St Ives - Modern & Contemporary Art

Bob Crossley

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Bob Crossley-Botallack

Botallack, 1960

Oil on board

Bob Crossley-Still Life - String, Paint Pots and a Brush

Still Life - String, Paint Pots and a Brush, 1960

Oil on board

Bob Crossley-Double Image 9

Double Image 9, 1964

Gouache on paper

Bob Crossley-Subaqueous Abstract

Subaqueous Abstract, 1978

Acrylic on canvas

Bob Crossley-Submerged

Submerged, 1979

Acrylic on canvas

Bob Crossley-Barn

Barn, 1985

Acrylic on board

Bob Crossley-Blue Square

Blue Square, 1970


Bob Crossley-Translucent Rectangles

Translucent Rectangles, 1970


Bob Crossley-Transmutation Deep Crimson

Transmutation Deep Crimson, 1970